Monday, February 13, 2012

NOTD : My Valentine Peach Cocktail polish set from Japan

I bought this pretty nail polish set last year in a mall in Shinsaibashi, Osaka and totally forgotten about it until recently I found it inside my drawer! I always fancy Japanese nail design and I remembered there are so many pretty nail polish set and I just simply pick up this one because it was the cheapest among all :P It was 609 yen around Rm23 or less (when I bought that time because exchange rate was lower)

So I took out and try it for my first time!

This mini gradient nail polish manicure kit comes in 3 colours.

Each nail polish is labelled with A,B and C and I just followed the steps stated behind the nail polish packaging.

Can't read Japanese so I am just following my instict while looking at the picture tutorial

After 10 mins I'm done because the nail polish dried up pretty fast !!

Was so happy because my nails result is per the picture illustration in the box ! #happy

Can't stop admiring at my nails now!

I think I will to buy some polish when I am in Japan this coming Friday because it is so simple to use & the results are so pretty!

And my nails are perfect for Valentine's Day tomorrow !!!

To those in love, Happy Valentine's Day !
If you're single do enjoy yourself because you still have plenty of choices!


  1. The gradient colour is really pretty! :D I always see these nail polish gradient sets in SaSa, considering if i should buy them or not, lol. After looking at your post, I am super tempted!

  2. Hi Jess,
    how much did u buy in Japan ?


  3. As mentioned in this post, It was 609 yen around Rm23 or less (when I bought that time because exchange rate was lower)

  4. Gorgeous!! I am sure you're looking forward to hauling in Japan real soon!

  5. it's so pretty :) i love the shade and especially the guideline on the packaging. does malaysia have this?

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  6. Woah, sooo convenient :) Japanese really creative though, dont have to go manicure d.... if you want, you can try stick some tiny diamonds on it and people will tot your nails are done by professional manicurist ;) hehe...


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