Thursday, April 19, 2012

Review : Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50+ / PA+++

Remember I posted a picture of myself and Bebe a while ago and I was telling you how I love the sunblock I was using (click here to read) it is fresh, cooling and moisturizing besides it protects my skin against harmful sun rays! Well now I am going to reveal and review here!

It’s the new Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50+ / PA+++ for face and body which recently launched in Malaysia.

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence comes in a blue plastic tube. And I read that this sunblock consists of Biore’s pioneering technology i.e Aqua Micro Capsules where UV absorbing ingredients are locked in to provide strong, long lasting protection against UV rays yet with a surprisingly light and cool ‘Water-like’ fresh feeling. It is also formulated with hyaluronic acid and mix citrus essence (lemon, grapefruit & orange) as moisturising ingredients to leave skin looking healthy and hydrated.

Colour & Texture : Pale yellowish colour liquid with small yellow beads. These yellow beads are the Aqua Micro Capsules which has UV absorbing ingredients to give long lasting protection yet with cool ‘Water-like’ fresh feeling that is non sticky and non oily.

Scent : Fruity

Review : I always love Biore sunblock and this Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50+ / PA+++ did not fail me either. Being water based, I absolutely love how the texture is really “watery” like how it is named and absorbs really fast on my skin. There is a slight cooling sensation when I applied it on my skin and the little yellow beads disappeared as I swipe the sunblock on my skin. Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence really works well protecting me from the sunrays with its SPF 50+ / PA+++ and in my recent trip to Cambodia I use this solely to try out the effectiveness. I am happy to report that I applied this sunblock under my makeup and I have no sunburn at all and my skin tone colour remains the same despite being under the sun for the whole day! I love how this sunblock did not make me feel greasy or sticky at all even though I was sweating heavily in Cambodia! And if you remembered my previous review on Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Mousse and Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Jelly where I do really like them, now with the Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence, I absolutely love them because it has the fresh citrus scent, nice watery texture, no greasy feeling and protects well against damaging UVA and UVB!

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50+ PA+++ (50g) is priced at RM32.90 and available now at all leading pharmacies, cosmetics and beauty retailers, supermarkets and hypermarkets.

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