Friday, April 13, 2012

Review : Maybelline New York Color Sensational Are You Red-dy

I am not really a red lipstick person until very recently I try the Maybelline New York Color Sensational lipsticks in Are You Red-dy and since then I am addicted with red lipstick! I felt that the right red makes a woman feel powerful & sexy!

Maybelline New York Color Sensational lipsticks has the most advanced formulations with on-trend expertise to create its most audacious and comprehensive lip color yet. It has a range of 16 shades that will give you the crispest, creamiest lip color yet!

With its Color Control System, Color Sensational contains a patented polymer that seals these crystal-pure pigments onto lips to create a flexible film that controls the movement of color on your lips. It promises no-feathering zone all day long so lip color stays strong and bold from AM to PM.

This lipstick is made in USA!!

Color Sensational’s Pigment Highlighting Technology – a blend of ultra-shiny oils – brings out the color brilliance of its pigments too, creating a color effect so striking, multi-dimensional and shiny! No more dull and flat color for your lips; instead embrace a lip color that gives you full coverage so intense and so brilliant.

Combine this with Color Sensational’s nourishing ingredients, and lips get the creamiest and softest treatment. Color Sensational contains honey nectar, emollient waxes and Vitamin E, all three natural ingredients known for their moisturising properties. Honey nectar, a good source of anti-oxidants and minerals, smoothens lip surface with its rich and luxurious texture. Emollient waxes melt on contact to provide lips with a protective barrier against tightness and dryness. Meanwhile, Vitamin E, the most popular anti-oxidant ingredient, is beneficial towards protecting lip’s lipid layer, preventing moisture loss.

I was given this colour Are You Red-dy to try No 625 to try.

Love this sensational , sexy and stunning RED !

It is opaque bright red, with a hint of a little bit of orange with soft shine.

The lipstick is very pigmented that it makes almost no difference whether it is one or two swipe.

: It was easy to apply smoothly on my lips. I think this is a classic red that works on every skin tone colour. The colour is really rich and it lasts for a few good hours. I love how it is slighty shine and not overly too much. It is slightly drying and I usually apply a layer of lipbalm before applying this and it was great for the whole day. This is my favourite red lipstick for now and the name of the lipstick really matched with the colour itself!

Are You Red-dy to see how this lipstick brighten up my whole look?

Maybelline New York Color Sensational lipstick is sold at RM29.90 at all leading pharmacy.

Do you have any favourite red lipstick, do share with me if you have one!


  1. Hi Jessy, I started to follow your blog few months ago, like all your writing :-).

  2. this shade looks gorgeous on you, babe! i don't dare to use red lipstick because i end up looking like a tranny.. heh. does this last you even through lunch / meals?

  3. Thanks for liking this post and yes red colour lipstick is gorgeous if we can find the right shade of the red lipstick :)

    anonymoushedonist: as long as you have full makeup, you should be abke to carry this lipstick well. If you just put on red lipstick without any makeup than that would looked scary! Try this from Maybelline, maybe you will look gorgeous :) Oh it did last me for a few good hours including lunch, but need re-apply a bit to make the colour even cos sometimes i accidenyl eat the colour:x

  4. I like the colour of the lipstick its really glossy
    i love glossy lips


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