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Relive Your Moments With Sam Hui

Do you know who is him?

If you don't, my hair will stand up like this!

Only a handful 0f Hong Kong singers that I really like & admire and Sam Hui (許冠傑) is definitely one of them. To me, Sam Hui is one of the first and top King of Canto pop in Hong Kong till today. I think that he is the SIFU to all cantonese singers today.

Sam Hui started singing from the 1960s & became very popular in the late 1970s, where I haven't even been born yet but he still popular till today! He is known for his talent to compose very humorous lyrics that generally encompassed current issues in Hong Kong at that time.

He has recorded a total of 23 Cantonese albums and 4 English albums before he retired from the entertainment scene in 1992. Do you know that He is not only a talented singers but also as an actor!

Back in his 2008 concert here, his tickets were sold out and now he is back again in Malaysia to take us down the emotional trip down memory lane next week in Genting Arena of Stars. He is now 64 years old yet he is still an evergreen entertainer that people wont get tired hearing his songs over and over again!

Definitely this time me & my bf want to relief ourselves from the busy life in KL to have a moment with him at Genting Arena of Stars.

These are some of his beautiful songs that insipired us to live positively despite the obstacles in life!

See what I will do win Sam Hui's concert ticket from Genting. I will show you how his songs related to me!

Sam Hui - 学生哥
The song lyrics the asked students go home do revision or fail in exams..

Remember during my school days, I listen to his songs while studying because his lyrics motivated me to move forward! And I passed my exams after listening to his advice in this song :x

Sam Hui - 半斤八兩

Sam Hui sings out a life of an employee where he was trying hard to work to make ends need. And he was refering to the life of people in Hong Kong that time where everyone was so competitive and employers were very demanding.

Work = Stress ; Stress = Work

I used to be very stressed about work & life because I was not doing what I like but now I'm glad I am doing something I like now and it has become my enjoyment of life :)

And sometimes when I'm tension because I ran out of idea to write so I'll listen to Sam Hui's songs to get positive vibes!

许冠杰 - 天才与白痴 ( Genious & the retarded)

This is one of his famous song that everyone will remembered, that he was saying there are all kind of people in the world..and whether you are genious or retarded only you and me will know..

You say...what kinda of people are we?

We are definitely unique people! Haha we are unique because the camera settings we used here..very genious way to make ourselves unique right?

p/s: No one was harmed in the process of taking this pictures!

Another beautiful song named 浪子心聲 (From the Heart of a Loafer) - There is an English transalation of the lyrics here, listen and you will know why I would say all songs Sam Hui composed is so meaningful & relate to our life...

This is absolutely one my favourite song, he said "We better not to strive too hard for something not destined for us" that we will get it if its fated. So I learn how to give and take in life and believe everything happened for a reasons.

許冠傑 + His Angles - 04'祝福你 - Another beautiful & meaningful song Sam Hui wrote and sang 2004 to cheer up the Hong Kong community after the deadly Sars, he want to motivate people to move on and not to give up in life.

And I promised that will live to inspire people like he do!

Initially Sam Hui will only be performing in Genting Arena of Stars on 26 May but due to the overwhelming respond, the organiser has bring in extra show on 25 May so those that cannot get tickets earlier would not be disappointed.

Tickets price

Floor plan

Good thing about concert brought by Genting is that we can use our Genting Points (GP) or WorldCard Points (WP) to redeem concert tickets! Apart from that, there would be special discount for Genting GP & WP members even if we purchase with cash :-

25 May 2012 (9pm)
5% discount for Genting WorldCard members via Genting Points (GP) / WorldCard Points (WP) redemption / cash purchase. Note : Applicable to VIP - PS2 tickets only.

26 May 2012 (8pm)
5% discount for Genting WorldCard members via Genting Points (GP) / WorldCard Points redemption / cash purchase.

For booking, enquiries or redemption via GP or WP, kindly contact (603) 2718 1118

Note : Admission is per ticket one person applicable to adults, children of all ages and infants. The discounted rates published above are only available to a stipulated number of tickets and are subject to change without prior notice. Tickets are on a first-come, first-served basis and subject to availability. Other terms and conditions apply.*

List of Ticketing Agents Tickets may also be purchased from the list of agents below

Kuala Lumpur Genting Onehub 03 - 2718 1118
Penang Sales Office 04 - 228 2288
Ipoh Sales Office 05 - 243 2988
Johor Bahru Sales Office 07 - 334 4555
Kuching Sales Office 082 - 412 522
TicketCharge 03-9222 8811
Victoria Music 03-2148 7208
iLasso Tickets 03 - 7957 6088

Singapore Sales Office +65 - 6823 9888

And if you are a big fan of Sam Hui, let's buy a ticket here and see Sam Hui live in Genting Arena of Stars!

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