Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Review :L'oreal Professional Mythic Oil Milk for fine hair

L'oreal Professional Mythic Oil Milk is ideal for fine hair, it's protein-rich milk spray strengthens and reinforces hair. It is made from Royalatin (derived from Royal Jelly, rich in antioxidant and B complex vitamins) and Passiflora Oil (rich in Vit C, Calcium and Phosphorous).

Comes with a spray dispenser

Texture : White Milky

Scent : Pleasant flowery scent

Tips to use & how it works:
Post Shampoo Detangler : Added moisture for smooth detangling

Pre-Blow Dry Condition : Delivers shine, softness and anti-frizz protection

Finishing Spritz : Added softness improves the appearance of split end

Review of L'oreal Professional Mythic Oil Milk: I started trying out this and the first thing I noticed is the lovely scent once I sprayed on my hair... it's so nice and that makes me keep spraying ! It feels extremely light on my hair like as if nothing has been applied. As much as I like the scent, I don't think it works well to de-tangle my hair after I towel dried my hair or de-frizz it after I blow dry. However the spray dispenser is quite useful and easy to use especially right after I blow dry my permed hair, for keeping my permed hair shape in place while providing a little bit moisture kick on it as a final touch up. And if you have fine & quite healthy hair, you might want to try this to maintain your hair condition! I still prefer the Rich Oil formula (click here to read review) which nourish my dry & damaged hair.

L'oreal Professional Mythic Oil - Milk is selling at RM75 for 125ml at L'oreal authorised hair salons.

p/s: I have gave this to my friend Amelia to try and will get her reviews on this too and add on if necessary

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  1. it looks fine. i guess i'm too much of a lazy person for hair product. check out my messy hair! I'm so tired of dealing with them all day. sigh!



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