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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Review : Be colourful with L'Oreal Professionnel Hair Chalk!

3 weeks ago I did my first hairchalk colour in my life using L'Oreal Professionnel Hair Chalk in Centro Hair Salon in The Gardens. 

I always wanted to try out hairchalk but can't find proper one brand in Malaysia except those in the night market which I am not confident to use them and worry hair may go haywire! 

Since now L'Oreal Professionnel has launched their first hair chalk , I'm very happy to give them a try! Well Hairchalk is the new make up for hair!

Getting bored of your hair colour well here is where the fun begins! 

Check out the new It looks for Spring Summer 2014 by L'Oreal Professional Hair Chalk on the British IT Girls! 

  • Chanel ambassador Poppy Delevingne sporting the Pink Splashlight;
  • Model/Socialite Pixie Geldof with Mocha Blonde Pixie;
  • Sexy Spanish IT siren Malena Cota with the Brown Blonde Bronde;
  • IT girl Chen Ran with Side-Swept Red Ombre.

L’Oréal Professionnel Hairchalk colour is inspired by the way we accessorise with make-up and nails, allowing us to change hair shades as often as we do our shoes!

In Malaysia we have 5 bold shades to pick while in overseas, there are total of 8 shade where bronze, brown and black is not available in Malaysia. Brown or black hair is Asian common hair colour and I don't see why anyone wants to hairchalk this colour. That being said, our hair colour is pretty dark and people and it's not easy for bright colour like blonde to show on our dark hair hence usually people go for hair bleaching (which is very damaging!). 

Can you guess which hairchalk colour I had?

Bet a lot of you thought I choose pink right ? 

Well I was torn between 4 colours which I had not tried before i.e pink , blue,  violet and green ( you realised I didn't pick coral because I had coral hair colour last year!). And the best thing about hairchalk it allows us to try funky colours without bleaching it! Yay to NO HAIR DAMAGE and hairchalk colour would only lasts up to 4-5 shampoo washes (depending on your hair condition)! The healthier your hair the shorter the duration it would lasts. 

Being a Libra who cannot decide, I asked Kevin Woo the Founder of Centro Hair Salon for his expert opinion. He told me in L'Oreal Professionnel Hairchalk in Garden Party (Green) would suits me more because my hair colour is blonde and assured me that it would turn out looking very nice. Honestly I am not sure if I could carry green hair colour and I don't want end up looking like The Joker .. Anyway I'm pretty cool with his pick.. after all he is professional and he knows the best! Plus green eyeshadow is my favourite colour!

Unlike conventional hairchalk, L'Oreal Professionnel Hair Chalk in Malaysia comes in a chalk or palette where you need to mix with water, L’Oréal Professionnel Hairchalk comes in a ready to use liquid in a handy resealable bottle and a piece of applicator. The outer application has plastic cover so our hands would not get stain while using hairchalk.

Step 1 - Decide what section of your hair you want to hairchalk. Best to use tied or pin it up. Make sure your hair is clean and dry.
Step 2 - Gently shake the bottle and pour 3-4 drops into the applicator. Wear protective gloves and use a towel to avoid staining hands and clothes.
Step 3 - Pinch the applicator to allow even distribution of the colour 
Step 4 - Slide the applicator down the hair that you want to do hairchalk
Step 5 - After applying comb the hair to achieve an even result. 
Step 6 - Dry hair naturally for 30 seconds to 1 minute OR use a hair dryer for a more  polished result
Step 7 - Repeat the above steps to colour other hair section and remember to shake the hairchalk bottle before you pour out to use.  
Personally I like how the bottle is resealable so that we could keep the remaining for the next use without wasting it.

My advice to the first timer if you are first time doing hairchalk at home use dark colour towel & wear an old shirt while doing this hairchalk colour. Pick a small section of hair to do hairchalk as it is easier to manage. Alternative to the applicator that is provided, you can use a small sponge as well. Just make sure you wear a glove while using them.

And after applying hairchalk on the section of your hair, quickly blow dry before you do the next part because you do not want the hairchalk colour to transfer to other part of your hair or your clothes. Once the hair is dry, it's waterproof, styling & blow drying resistant!

Of course if have a someone to help you to do hairchalk colour is better as you can just sit back and relax :)

Love how the L’Oréal Professionnel Hairchalk Green Party (green) turn out to be exactly what I see from the bottle! The green colour is really vibrant & it match nicely with my blonde hair!

I realised that my hair base is light hence the colour is brighter than my friend's ones. So if the lighter your hair base, the hair chalked hair would be more vibrant. 

A close up of the hair colour - indoor

After the hairchalk hair colour is dry , I realised that the hair texture would be a little bit coarse (or rough). This is because the hair is being wrapped with a layer of hairchalk colour. The coloured hair would be a bit drying for temporary so it's advisable to use hair conditioner or hair mask after washing the hair. And hair oil is definitely recommended to moisture & soften the hair. I would suggest to use my L'Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil , it's not oily yet very moisturizing for the hair!

A close up of the hairchalked colour under natural sunlight!I think this would match perfectly with my favourite green eyeshadow palette from Lunasol Aurorize Eyes #03 Gentle Variation

After 2 weeks 

L'Oreal Professionnel Hairchalk colour can last up to 4-5 shampoo wash on average and depending on the amount of product applied and the hair type. In my case, my hair is quite damaged I guess (from the frequent hair colour & styling) so the colour stays on nicely for 2 weeks. By third week, the colour already faded to lighter tone and actually looks pretty nice :D

I also realised that if I wanted to make the hairchalk hair colour to come off faster, I just apply shampoo on my dry hair and start rubbing on it before adding in water to rinse off.

I was worried at first whether the colour would looks nicely against my skintone but now I knew I could look good in green hair colour! 

You know how I always love playing with colours, be it eyeshadow, blusher, lipstick or even nails colour (I have 70 bottles of nail polish..haha) . Now with Loreal Hairchalk, I am foreseeing myself to try out different hairchalk colour because it is easy & fun to use! I definitely want to try our pink , purple & blue hairchalk colour next!

And you know why I cut my hair short last year after I have damage my hair from bleaching... Glad to find out that even without bleaching and damaging the hair, hairchalk colour is really pigmented and vibrant! And this hairchalk colour would be fabulous for parties and special occasions or events!

I guess hair colour is now an accessory already!

L'Oreal Professionnel HairChalk Colour is is selling at RM50/50ml bottle and it's already available for sale in all L'Oreal Professionnel salon such as Centro Hair Salon beginning of 1 March 2014. Available in 5 colours i.e Sweet Sixteen pink, First Date Violet, Blue Ocean Cruise, Garden Party and  Coral Sunset,

Share with me which L'oreal Professionnel hairchalk colour do you want to give a try ?

For more information, visit 

Note : Centro Hair Salon is opened in The Gardens Mall and Suria KLCC. More info on the location, click here

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

L'oreal Colour Trophy 2012

Last month I attended L'oreal Colour Trophy 2012 which was held in KL convention centre and it was huge! This is the Oscars of the hairdressing industry where one of the 14 finalists is crowned as grand winner. The event also saw L'oreal Professionel's 5 Artistic Ambassadors & International Guest Artiste whipped out an impressive showcase entitled Artisanal Excellence and Tribute to Beauty respectively. The show concept reinforced L'oreal link to fashion and most importantly reinventing the profession.

A Tribute to Beauty, was the theme of the competition as it paid homage to the sucess and tribulations of famous hairdressers with styles that are distinctively French. The reasons why French was chosen because French is known to has higher sense of fashion and beauty in four aspects that reflect the French sense of beauty of L'oreal Professionel - Beauty in Hairdressing, Beauty in Women, Beauty in Life and Beauty in Arts.

I like the beautiful performance that was prepared by L'oreal

TP Lim & Angel Wong Chui Ling were the emcee of the night

Marking its 56th year worldwide and 8th in Malaysia, L’Oreal Colour Trophy 2012 raised the bar of the Malaysian hairdressing industry with unique approaches to challenge conventional norm thus sparking dynamic perspectives. L’Oréal Colour Trophy 2012 brought the competition to another level with finalist creating hairstyle that is not only creative but wearable!

Andrew Stanleick L’Oreal Malaysia’s Managing Director, said that “L’Oréal Professionnel takes it upon itself as the professional partner to provide opportunities and support for our hairdressers to excel in their art by giving them a platform to showcase their talent as well as exposure to the hair fashion industry worldwide” and he ended his speech with a quote by renowned hairstylist Odile Gilbert “We are very lucky to be part of a profession whose objective is to make people more beautiful.”

Just before the winner was announcd, I enjoyed a really spectacular hair show featuring five established L’Oreal Artistic Ambassadors entitled ‘Artisanal Excellence”. 

They are Miko Au, founder of Miko Galere, Kevin Woo, founder of Centro Hair Salon, Albert Nico, founder of Albert Nico Boutique Salon, Andy Chan, founder of Andy Chan Hair Studio and Simon Koh, founder of ELLE Hair Studio.
 The concept of “Artisanal Excellence” was unveiled in 3 chapters:- 

In ‘Retro Nouveau’, the collection takes us back to the 50s and 60s where the story was born in the studios of Hollywood. It is a dream, a dream that turns fantasy into reality. It evokes the desire to be in the spotlight. A journey that brings us from our glorious past of 50s and 60s into the present with a modern twist. It is a celebration of timeless icons. 

Meanwhile, in ‘La Couture’, it became a celebration of the finest, detailed work of the atelier, taking inspiration from the French Excellence of Haute Couture. A collection where we honour artist, astisan, muses and their savoir-faire to continuosly create timeless vision of beauty.

Last but not least, paying homage to “The Parisian House of Hairdressing” formed in the tradition of Parisian haute couture where the art of hairdressing is revered, practiced and perfected. It is when hair, makeup and clothes come together as one in fashion. The showcase transmitted creativity through using hair as a piece of garment that can both embody and transcend fashion, therefore inspiring the hairdressers to see their craft as bespoke couture. It looked into the artisanal work of craftmanship, creating desire amongst other hairdressers.

Check out the pictures I took!

It was really an amazing Artisanal Excellence Hair Show!

Followed by 14 finalists with their model's hair creation
F01 : Dexter Chiew Han Seng - Degroom Salon

F02 : Steven Chu Chin Hua - Cut by Elle

F03 : Fei Pe Lian Huei - The Inc

F04 : Herry Eng Khim Tatt - Max Style Hair Saloon & Academy

F05 : Fukuo Goh Hoek Hoek - Fu Coiffure Hair Salon

F06 : Edison Lim Won Giap - Miko Hair Studio

F07 : Sam Chau Kim San - A Cut Above

F08 : Ellie Liew Lee Ling - Hair Zone Studio by Michael Poh

F09 : Lim Siang Kiat - Centro Hair Salon

F10 : Ricky Tiew Sing Aik - RCS Hair Studio & Academy

F11 : Temah Low Yoke Wei - Andy Chan Hair Studio

F12 : Low Dick Thim - Albert Nico Boutique Saloon

F13 : Hugo Tan Wee Siang - Kimo Hair Artist

F14 : Alexander Yap Peng Choy - The Met

While waiting for the judges to decide, L’Oreal’s International Guest Artist, Caterina Di Biase's showed her amazing skills in hairdressing to the guests.

In her intepretation of A Tribute to Beauty, Beauty in Hairdressing celebrates the excellence and contribution of a hairdresser, Beauty in Women takes a look into iconic French beauties as inspirations whilst Beauty in Life celebrates the culture (from fashion to design and cuisine) that is essentially French. On the other hand, Beauty in Arts journeys into the different eras from the Renaissance period to modern day aesthetics as well as ancient paint form to present 3D immersion arts with a sense of elegance.

I think it was a tough decision for the judges to decide who are the winners of L’Oréal Colour Trophy Malaysia, all of them are so good!
2nd Runner up  F02 Steven Chu Chin Hua from Cut by Elle (Southern Region). He said he used Alexander McQueen's design as inspiration and drew from tailoring industry's emphasis on cuts, fabrics and sensitivity towards fashion trends to display life's beauty

He received a prestigious plaque, trip to one Asian country and entrance to L’Oréal Colour Trophy, held in the respective countries.

1st runner up F01 Dexter Chiew Han Seng from Degroom Salon (Southern Region). He said he drew inspiration from French culture of drinking conffee showcasing a romantic elegant lifestyle. He further said a modern female has to be versatile as well different looks from a single hairstyle according to occasion.

He received a prestigious plaque, trip to Australia and entrance to L’Oréal Colour Trophy Australia.

Congratulations!  Winner of L’Oréal Colour Trophy Malaysia is F11 Temah Low Yoke Wei from Andy Chan Hair Studio (Southern Region). 

She said she incorporated the beautiful colours of sunlight streaming through the stained glass windows of Saint Joan of Arc Church into this hairdo. The messy yet structured hairstyle represents the battle spirit and shows Joan of Arc's fearless heroism.

She walked away with the coveted title and prizes worth RM155,000, a brand new Toyota Vios 1.5G Limited in Deep Amethyst Mica Metallic along with a 5-Day 3-Night trip to London to be part of the L’Oréal Colour Trophy United Kingdom Gala Night, a feature in Malaysia’s top women’s magazines namely Female, NuYou and Eh! and exposure on an international platform by having the opportunity to experience another L’Oréal Colour Trophy in one of the Asian countries as an esteemed judge.

 Group photo of L’Oréal Colour Trophy winners 

Apart from the main winners there were also other awards that were presented:-
 Editor's Choice Award 2012 – F09 Lim Siang Kiat from Centro Hair Salon

 Estetica Cover Award 2012 -F08 Ellie Liew Lee Ling from Hair Zone Studio by Michael Poh

Sin Chew Daily Readers' Choice Award 2012- F04 Herry Eng Khim Tatt from Max Style Salon & Academy

 Shu Uemura Makeup Award- F03 Fei Pee Lian Huei from The INC

 Star Clove's Reader's Choice Award 2012: F07 Sam Chan Kim San from A Cut Above.

A pic with friends I met at the event; Sharon, Bong & Nani

And that's me dressed up in Electric Blue dress!
I hope you enjoy the hair show pictures as much like I do, took me so long to re-arrange and edits from the thousand of pictures I took. Nevermind about me wearing heels and standing there almost half the time taking pictures but it is all worth it because what was shown at the L'Oreal Colour Trophy 2012 was trully an art and it was a mesmerizing show!

For more pictures, visit my Facebook Fanspage at
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