Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Genting Mid-Autumn Festival : Mooncake tasting session

Just 2 weeks ago, I was invited by Nuffnang to join Mooncake Tasting Session in Resort World Genting (yes up there on the hill!!) This is in conjunction with this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival which would be falling end of this month ; 31 August 2012! Never in my life I have tried so much mooncake flavour at one go!

Looked how colourful & yummy are they !

Here are some of the mooncakes I have tried! 

Snow Skin Mango Paste - RM10.50+
I always fancy snow skin mooncake because it is like dessert to me. Best served when its chilled! Snow Skin Mango Paste because not only it smells good but it taste good. The skin is made from pure mango fruits and the filling is a mix of mango & lotus paste. A must have for Mango lover! And its no secret that this is my favourite!

Snow Skin with Kiwi Fruit Paste - RM10.50+ (NEW)

While this remains a favourite for a number for those who attended, I would prefer Mango over this one simply because it did not have the strong kiwi taste in the filling.

Lotus Sugar White Lotus Paste -RM11.00+
This is the most traditional mooncake without any fancy filling or colouring where lotus paste filling are the focus of it. I like how its low sugar because not only the older generation like our grandparents like it that way, I like it not too sweet when comes to moocakes. The skin is done perfectly where it is not too thick and powdery too!

Lotus Paste with Single Yolk - RM11.00+
If you are a fan of egg yolk, then this is one of the must try! 

Lotus Paste with Double Yolk - RM11.00+
If you are crazy about egg yolk, then this one give you the double oomph ! Although I'm not an egg yolk's fan, I know lot's of people are big fan of them because this is Genting's signature flavour which has very good sale!

Sweet Corn Paste with Chestnut -RM11.50+ (NEW)
This is newly introduced! The filling is made with sweet corn paste & chestnut is a sweet combination. And I like how the sweetness of chestnut filling melts in my mouth because I'm a big fan of chestnut myself, used to buy 1kg of chestnut and peel it by myself to enjoyyyy..

White Lotus Paste with Ginseng & Red Dates -RM11.50 (NEW)
This is another new flavour, as much as I like red dates taste here but I don't like any Chinese herbs like ginseng. Anyway I can't really taste the ginseng taste here . But these are good ingredients to improve health being!

Healthy White Lotus Paste with Spirulina Skin -RM11.50+
This is one of my favourite of all! Surprisingly the bitter taste of the skin (made from Spirulina) matched perfectly with the lotus paste sweetness. This is one really good one you should try especially when spirulina is always known to be good as nutritional supplement!

White Butter Skin with Pandan Sweet Corn Paste Yolk -RM11.00+
I still remembered how the pandan leave fragrance taste linger in my mouth with every bite and the sweet corn (custard) yolk filling make this an interesting flavour that I would buy!

Green Tea Lotus Paste -RM10.50+
As much as I love green tea, but this combination does not give me the kick. But I do enjoy the crunchiness  of sunflower seeds (or better known as kua chi in cantonese) in here!

Durian Lotus Paste -RM10.50+

Being someone who are came from a small town (i.e Segamat, Johor) that famous for Durian, Durian is one of my favourite filling to have when comes to mooncake and I have high expectation for it. Unfortunately this durian filling seems to have an artificial flavour rather than those real durian extract which I preferred.

Golden Jade with Single Egg Yolk -RM11.00+

This mooncake is called golden jade because the green colour filling which is made from pandan looked like jade colour! I learnt from my boyfriend's parents that they love this flavour the most because elderly like them like the filling to have the pandan leaves's fragrance as this is not as sweet as the plain lotus paste.

White Lotus Paste with Black Sesame Yolk -RM11.50+ (NEW)
This colour combination filling does looked appetizing right? This rich combination flavour which have lotus paste, black sesame, egg yolk & sunflower seed  is not too sweet and it's really appetizing one to have! 

Red Bean Paste -RM7.80+
Anyone of you are red bean lover? Then you should try this one. This has very rich red bean flavour! 

Assorted Nuts Ng Yan - RM11.00+
If you love nutty lover, then you should try this. This Assorted Nuts Ng Yan mooncake is made from 5 different nuts which are sesame, dried winter melon, olive, sunflower seed, almond & walnut. Although I like how it's crunchy at every bite but a little bit too sweet for my liking!

Money God Cookie
Instead of the traditional piggy biscuit or more famously know as 猪仔饼 (chu chai peng), Genting Master Chef came up with this Money God (in Cantonese known as Choi San Yeh) because it is said to bring luck! A great gift for friends and people who are going into casino right!  It's made of the mooncake skin (i.e flour & lotus paste), so basically it's meant to taste very plain and best to eat it with a cup of hot coffee!

Even Darren from Nuffnang who escorted us to Genting can't wait to pose like Choi San Yeh together with the Money God cookie! Darren has this signature million dollar smile you know, he also can be choi san yeh!

Even this cute Genting pr lady can't stop taking picture with the Money God Cookie keep the luck in her phone I think!

Left is Dragon & on the right is Genting's logo as the mould

I love the dragon mold at the mooncake skin which is specially made in conjunction with this year Chinese calendar dragon year, very pretty! I learnt something during the tasting session that each mooncake mandarin name is craved on top of it and I didn't notice until the Master Chef told us to look at it properly.

Michelle, me & Daniel stuffing ourselves with a total of 16 varities of  mooncake #likeaboss! 

Although this is an enjoyable mooncake tasting session but I think I had more than 4 full size mooncakes (considering I took 1/4 from each flavours and there are total 16 of all) at ONE GO and it's like over my quota for this year! So it's a must have to have chinese tea like (pu er or better known as po lei in cantonese) when I'm having mooncakes because it washes away all the oil inside my mouth and it is known to lower down cholestrol after having this once a year indulgence! If you don't know yet this year 2012 Mid-Autumn Festival or Mooncake Festival falls on 30 September 2012. So another week from now, so don't forget to buy mooncakes for yourself, family or friends for this once a year indulgence ya!

Genting's mooncakes are available at Restaurant Genting Palace, Lao Di Fang Entrance, Good Friends Restaurant, Resort Hotel Lobby, Hainan Express @ TPH, Hainan Kitchen, Coach Cafe and One Hub in Wisma Genting KL. 

Early birds will enjoy 20% discount from 15 July to 15 August 2012. 
30% discount will be given for purchases of 50 boxes (of 4 nos) and above from 15 July to 30 September 2012.

For more info on Genting's moocakes promotion, pls visit 


  1. i love durian but this sounds kinda disappointing :(

  2. Arpita : Thanks for the comment :)

    FiSh. ohFISHiee : ya thats my feeling when I tried it. Or maybe my expectation too high.

  3. WOW! So many varieties of mooncake here! Looks so great! :D

  4. Caroline : Thanks ! Yay overdose of mooncake liao!! First time trying so many at a time!


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