Monday, August 27, 2012

NEW: Bubbles & Bites in Highlands Hotel, Genting

Remembered last week I posted that I was in Genting and I tried a total of 16 mooncakes flavours (click here to read), so after that we were brought to this new place names Bubbles & Bites. I heard of this place prior to this from JQ as she wanted to suggest this place for lunch when I met her up in Genting but end up we are at another place because I was too lazy to walk over. Ah so finally managed to try this new place! 

We were told that Bubbles & Bites was opened a while back in July 2012 and it is a casual continental cottage cuisine with a rustic concept that specialize in pizza and pastas.

Fresh salad bar at the counter! 

The fridge! Everyone surrounding it because it has really cool selection of miniature bottles of sparkling wines, alcoholic sodas, juices, soft drinks, beers and wines from all around the world & yay we get to pick what we want to drink! 

Bottled fruit juices, these are imported from New Zealand. Very healthy and delicious!

I picked up this cute bottle of Australian Bundaberg Root Beer to try, it is not as gassy as I thought it would be. 

Can't help but to pose with Darren from Nuffnang with this Root beer bottle that looked like hospital's medicine bottle to me

 And if you are not a big fan of juice & root beer there is alcoholic beverages served here. Some of them took the opportunity to try some of these.

And these!

Lemon & Orange cocktails

And that is Charmaine happily enjoying her drink before we all start to attack the food!

Here is what we have ...

 Caesar Salad - RM15

Our starter! It have garden fresh baby romaine lettuce, garlic croutons, egg, beef bacon with creamy house caesar dressing and topped with smoked salmon. 

Al Dente Spaghetti -RM19.00

Cooked with a wine, garlic, tomato & seafood. I love how the seafood was generously spread here & it tasted good.

 8 hour slow braised lamb shank - RM23

Honestly I'm not a lamb person so I didn't try but I was told that this was really good as only the bones left after picture was taken! For a 8 hour slow braised lamb shank , this is only RM23! 

Pizza Carbonara - RM21

This has creamy base with button mushrooms, chicken ham, spring onions, garlic and parmesan cheese.

 Home-style Macaroni & Cheese -RM15

This is one of our favourite because the cheese is literally flooding each & every macaroni! Very sinful I know but very smooth & rich in taste!  

 Isle of Capri - RM21

Has rich tomato base with sliced turkey ham, mushrooms, spanish red onion, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, grilled red capsicum and plump anchovies.

 Thai Red Curry Seafood -RM21.00

Thai red curry sauce base, tiger prawns, marinated calamari, mussels, mushrooms & lychees with mozzarella cheese. There is no secret that I love Thai food but I think this red curry flavour does not give enough kick!

Lam Lee Burger - RM20

Lam Lee and Ramlee sounds familiar? This is the signature classic Malaysian street burger that we all loved! 

This burger can feed 2 persons I think!  

 Peri Peri Chicken Wings - RM16 for 2 pairs of chicken wings

Of all things I tried, this is my favourite I must said! Must try , very appetizing.. can't go wrong with Peri Peri sauce! We actually re-ordered this because it's so delicious!

We also have some Desserts after that!

 Bread & Butter Pudding

 Cheese cake

 Tiramisu with purple cotton candy. 

Me & JQ 

After so much food must take picture with my sweet JQ. Finally she is back from Genting! Miss seeing her around in events when she was in Genting Highlands doing her internship! 

Last but not least a group picture of us saying Cheer! I like how this Bubbles & Bites has a private lounge area upstairs where we can chill & chat with our drinks after our heavy lunch! 

So if you want to find a quiet place to have some drink & chill in Genting , you might want to try out this new place! Details as follows :-

Bubbles & Bites! Bubbles & Bites (non-halal restaurant)
(Located at Level 2 in Highlands Hotel)
Opens from Monday to Thursday 11am – 12midnight 
Friday to Sunday, Eve of Public Holiday & Public Holiday 11am – 2am


Let me know what you think! Thank you :)

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