Monday, December 17, 2012

Join Samsung Be Creative & Win the entire movie hall at TGV!

Speaking of creativity, Samsung is definitely one of the best in mobile industry... be it the design or advertisement... they always caught my attention! 

And now they are having an online contest at where one of the prize is the one  I wanted to win which is to have the entire movie hall at TGV!!! And if I win this, I want to do movie day out with you girls out there ... all of you must come, and we will watch movie and eat popcorn together..okay!

I already have in mind that we can have sort of girly day out and watch Confessions of a Shopaholic... and after movie we can start to do our sinful shopping confessions >.<

Do you know you too can join this! And if you girls win this, please invite me also lah :p

Here is how I submitted my entries!

The contest requirement is very simple which is BE CREATIVE...sound easy for you??

You need to choose 1 out of the 4 artists and complete the drawing they started!

Different artists offers different prizes.

 Without hestitation, I chose Girl Power Sharifah Amani ... cos want to win the entire movie hall at TGV Cinemas!

So this popcorn is Sharifah's drawing. I need to make it an eye-popping popcorn design! I always like my stuff to be colourful, be it my blog wall paper, nail colour or even food I prepared at home! 

So I knew my popcorn must be colourful..

And this is the best I could come out! 

Check out my popcorn, got different flavour inside okay!! Very yummy okay... and it's so good until the popcorn explode in the air *kabooom...*

Warning : Make sure you have your coke ready when you have my popcorn okay!

Once I am done, I submitted my entry via facebook! Sharifah please picked me okay, I treat you with my colourful popcorn!

I double confirm my entry is received by checking through my entry at the gallery!

Alright quick your turn to join now at

The Contest will end on Dec 2012, with the four winners to be announced on 4th Jan 2013.

May the creativity force be with you~

Also go watch this hillarious video featuring Sharifah on how she find a perfect match via Samsung Galaxy Note II.... 

Now you can tell families/friends... anytime also can find your perfect match one!! Go watch it and then you will know what I meant!!

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