Sunday, April 14, 2013

RED MEANS GO ! Hugo Boss launched NEW HUGO RED fragrance in Malaysia!


RED just shows my personality, which is loud, daring, brave (not all times though), determine and full of energy (oh ya I am full of smiling energy! :D). 

And I think I totally look HOT like chilly padi in RED! 

Check out my RED hair, RED lips, RED nails & RED dress! 

When Hugo Boss recently launched their latest HUGO RED fragrance, RED was chosen not incidently but because it is the most intense colors of all, associated with energy, strength, power and determination... in another word  


What Jared Leto has to say about Red color!

Scroll down to read more about the launch of Hugo Red fragrance in Malaysia!

Hugo Boss has its preview media launch for Hugo Red in Ril's @ The Warehouse which is a really unique place I must say because from outside it looks like your old Chinatown shoplot, but when you stepped inside...this is what you see!

This place is not only a restaurant, it's a gallery too!

 Spot my HOT Jared Leto on the wall holding Hugo Red!

Since this year is Hugo 20th anniversary and being a brand that always striven to challenge traditional rules and ideas, Hugo Boss took a DARING move to build around two contrasting accords, the Solid Chili accord and Liquid Heat accord which reflect the different facets of cold & hot metal.

The Solid Chili accord combines grapefruit in the top note with rhubarb in the heart note to create a bitter fresh accord with a metalic accent that stimulates the underlying strength of solid metal.

 While the Liquid Heat accord is characterized by cedarwood and hot amber that blend together in the dry-down to convey the heat and fluidity of red-hot medal.

And this HUGO RED is THE PERFUME for MEN because it captures the idea of pushing boundaries and with a contemporary blend of contrasting full of cold & hot tension whick will stimulates & energenized one to be ready to challenge himself.

Jared Leto is the right man and he fits to be the face of HUGO RED as he is the HOT LOOKING modern icon of originality, he is renowned for his extraordinary creativity and unique talent.  In Jared own words, I think creativity and pushing boundaries go hand in hand, and originality comes from individuals who are willing to take chances, to bet on themselves”.

And when we always making predictable choices or reverting to well-trodden patterns of behavior, that totally stifles our creativity. So it’s when you challenge yourself that the most original ideas and performances happen.

And just like how my blog title sound.. " I'm living in the box, I'm jumping out to see the world" . I am always ready to take the challenge to venture into the world..just like Hugo Red concept!
 I don't want to learn how places looks like through tv channels and magazines,
I don't want to live & die not knowing how does the world looks like,
Not only I want to see, I want to feel those places!
So with my determination, strength & power,
I will go... you will know,
I am ready to go and meet the world!

During the launch, we are asked to draw to use their creativity to design Hugo RED bottle using invisible ink pen.

Here we are tested to use our creativity and pushing boundaries using only our imagination to come up with our masterpiece!

After the challenge, we are served lunch on Ril's Steakhouse 1st floor. Clockwise - Appetizer Bread, Charred Tomato Soup, Ril's Red Velvet Cake and Red Tuna Steak

After lunch, we were ushered to SOGO KL for the official launch of HUGO Red.

Welcome & Introduction speech by Ms. Lau Sook Ping, Country Manager of P&G Prestige Malaysia and Singapore and Ms. Teh Sin Mei, PR Manager of P&G Prestige Malaysia.

After the speech, I took the opportunity to join the 2nd challenge, Pushing Boundaries Under Pressure. Looked how stress I am trying to push myself to complete the jingjaw puzzle!

At the first round, we are given 30 seconds to complete this jingjaw puzzle! 

Do you think this is possible? 


Nevertheless members of the media are always Ready with Courage to GO to take the challenge because there are attractive prizes for those who completed the challenge! However most of them managed to complete the challeged within 40 seconds!

Members of the media together with bloggers Ready to Smile for the Camera!
The P&G Prestige Team and SOGO KL Team 

I'm passing this Hugo Red fragrance to my boyfriend! I just how the scent changes from a citrus to a woody smell...very sexy! ^.^

Oh did I mentioned that RED also represent ONG (luck in Chinese) and LOVE (think of roses!)?

  Watch how Jared Leto in Hugo Red commercial!

RED means GO!

 GO GO GO with Hugo RED!

Except when traffic lights are RED okay!

This is definitely one of the must have fragrance for the men out there!

And there is one very unique thing about the Hugo Red bottle is that the bottle itself possess heat sensitive properties. And if you touch it with warm fingers, it’ll turn the bottle into a lighter shade of red leaving it with your fingers print. That is so COOL right!

Get ready and GO and get one HUGO RED for yourself or father, brother, husband, boyfriend or male colleague today!

Hugo Boss has a collaboration with Sogo KL, and this is the attractive promotions available exclusively in SOGO KL only!

HUGO Red pricing in Malaysia
Eau de Toilette 75 ml - RM202
Eau de Toilette 150 ml - RM291
 Shower Gel 200 ml - RM85
Deodorant Stick 75 ml - RM85
 Deodorant Spray 150 ml - RM85


  1. I wonder how it smells like =) Your blogpost tempted me!! i shall use this when I wear my red checkered shirt haha

  2. Omg.. Awesomeness ! thanks for sharing. wanna go their counter to try out the smell lor :)


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