Monday, April 29, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 is now in Malaysia !

 Finally I got in my hands the latest Samsung Galaxy S4, a smartphone that is designed to make our life richer, simpler and fuller!

Samsung Galaxy S4 was officially launched in Malaysia together with Umobile last Saturday in Times Sqaure KL after I caught the ochestra team singing to promote Samsung Galaxy S4 last week!

Besides the official launch inside Times Square, there is a Galaxy S4 Mobile Truck that go around KL and I spotted them infront of Times Square and Lowyat Plaza... wow look at the crowd!

Everyone want to rush in to molest the phone!

Liyana Jasmay and Awal Asahari are some of the celebrities that attended the launching!

Both of them shared what are their favourite Samsung Galaxy S4 function.

 Liyana likes the S Translator function while Awal likes the Air Gesture function.

Suddenly during the launching, there is a flash mob dance.... guess what song are they dancing ? more gangnam style but latest PSY's song Gentleman!

Got breakdance somemore!

That day the deal was so awesome, got special RM100 rebate for the 1st 200 customers who purchase the S4 with the U Postpaid plan & got lucky draw every hour!

 Somemore every new subscibers can get 1 time lotto spin to win attaractive prizes!

To end the event,  hundreds of balloons is released to the sky celebrate the launch of Samsung Galaxy S4!

So what are the hooha about Samsung Galaxy S4? Read more to find out!
Everyone is busy fiddling the new Samsung Galaxy S4 to find out!

So many of them busy camwhoring somemore - trying out the new dual camera function!

Finally it's my turn to check the phone throughly. 

Samsung Galaxy S4 comes in 2 classic colours Black Mist & White Frost.

Front, back & side view of Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 product specification.

In short, Samsung Galaxy S4 has FULL HD Super AMOLED (441 PPI) 5 inch display coupled with a 13 megapixels auto-focus camera. Equipped with a 1.6 GHz Octacore Processor and running Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.
 The back cover finishing 

Close up of the back cover - really love this finishing rather than the usual shiny finishing!

Of all things I tried, I really like the Samsung Galaxy S4 dual camera function because you can take photos & videos with the rear and front cameras simultaneously. In simpler words, both front & rear camera can work together at the same time...i.e can photobomb!

This would be one of the best smartphone to photobomb celebrities without needing to get close to take picture.. just stand opposite and use dual camera function!

Samsung Galaxy S4 Air Gesture function is so magical! It is a magically technology created by Samsung today, who can ever thought that today we could swipe through phone gallery pictures without touching the screen?

I record the Air Gesture function, watch & see! So magical!

This would be a perfect function for me, if I were to apply nail polish or apply lotion on my hands, I can go on surf net & read the blog entry or look at the photo album.. without even need to touch the screen.. no need to worry will stain or leave fingerprints on the screen!

Watch the introduction video of Samsung Galaxy S4 to find out more about other functions!

See how much Samsung has improved in term of technology & design from S2 , S3 and today S4. In term of appearance, S4 looks almost like S3 but it has more features that are designed to simplify our daily lives. It monitors our health, bringing us closer and captures those fun moments with Samsung Galaxy S4 Dual Shot, Sound & Shot and Drama Shot features! 

Besides that, Samsung Galaxy S4 also offers S Health feature which has a combination of inbuilt sensors that systematically and automatically monitor your health and surroundings. Sounds awesome right?

Love all the bright colour flip cover !

Freaking love this Samsung Galaxy S4, the dual camera & air gesture function is so magically! And I wasn't suprise that the black colour unit in Samsung Store in Lowyat was OOS by noon!

Now the retail price for Samsung Galaxy S4 is RM2199 , well check out them at all Samsung mobile store or all telco stores near you! 

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  1. I really want a phone that works with gloves!

    1. Why ah... cos u wearing gloves all the times?? Hmm... i try wear gloves and see if the S4 air gesture can detect or not !

  2. I was in a dilemma which phone to buy as I shortlisted SGS4 and Sony XperiaZ. Although XperiaZ was available, I decided for SGS4 to release and went straight to a Samsung Store on the day of release.
    SGS4 sports some handsome configuration and a bright Super AMOLED HD screen but the overall look of the phone is very flashy and it does notgives a premium feeling.
    Folks when you shell out over 40K then you expect great h/s along with killer looks. So the very same day I decided to go with XperiaZ because of its premium/killer/different looks and h/w is almost similar to SGS4.
    You put Note2, Grand, SGS3 and SGS4 on the table and you will have a hard time in identifying which one is SGS4 as they all have same looks.

    Be different and go for a real head turner with XperiaZ.

    1. Never really check out Sony phones.. hmmm.. cant comment on that. Well been using Samsung products and and its my prefer brand :D


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