Monday, June 10, 2013

Being a plus size is not a problem anymore, thanks to Dorothy Perkins wearing those pretty dress is not a dream but reality!

Trying hard to pose like model ...success or not?

I love wearing dresses and many have asked where I always get my dress right ? 

Do you know...being a plus size is so so so difficult, because we can only admire from far those beautiful dresses. I used to always asked myself WHY is there no pretty & fitting plus size clothes for us? I used to think plus size  fat people only can wear loose & baggy clothing or squeeze into those clothing and feeling not comfortable at all... because there is no fitting clothes for plus size! And I used to hate to dress up.. because always feeling ugly, down and not confident at all!

I used to hate taking pictures of full length picture because those clothes that I wear are so ugly but now I want to show to people what I wear because those dresses that I wore now.. is so beautiful! I came across Dorothy Perkins many years ago and since then I never look back!

All that above is old stories after I found my saviour!

Dorothy Perkins has been around for over 90 years and is a firm favourite on the British high-street if you don't know! They offer sizes from 6 - 22 and thanks to Dorothy Perkins... finding the right size clothing is never been a problem for me anymore!

So it is no secret that Dorothy Perkins is my favourite fashion brand and to be honest I got to be honest more than 90% of my clothes in my wardrobe are from them! And I am looking forward to dress up myself every single day!

Usually I shop in their store and every week I will visit the store to see what is new, but ever since Dorothy Perkins offers online shopping for Malaysian ( since last year November, serious shopping has never been so easy! 

Ah this is love at first sight, seriously! Well I lost count how many lace dresses I have at home, never mind... lace dresses is so addictive! I never own a lime colour dress, so this would be my first one! 

Found this black petal sleeve dress at 50% off! Must grab because one can never go wrong with LBD !

Hehe my total purchase RM259 and yeh I got a free standard delivery for spending RM249 (or else delivery fee of RM50 is quite dear!)

It took around 2 weeks for my order to arrived via registered post. It was carefully packed & I received the clothes in good condition :) Thumbs up! 

Even the dresses come with the hanger & plastic!

My favourite brand!

The Little Black Dress fit me perfectly! Material is 97% cotton, so very comfy!

From a plain black dress, I match it with red belt & carry a red clutch... and now I'm ready to go for a party! 

Oh don't forget to match it with your favourite red lipstick. Here I'm wearing Maybelline Colour Sensational in Red Porcelain lipstick!                   

Here comes the Lime Lace Dress! Was really happy the quality & look came exactly like how it looked in the website! Ah Dorothy Perkins never fails me! 

I love how the black belt sash defines my waistline and gives illusion the waist looked smaller than it is.. looked like got S shape . Also ah.. notice how my big arm is being covered by slightly by the mini sleeve :D 

The zipper at the back! 

Unexpectedly lime color actually can match my skin tone color quite well! Notice the lace leaf motif ... <3

The thing about this dress is that not only it looked elegant for a night out but it is so easy to wear, i.e no need to match it with additional accessories like belt, necklace etc....well just ready to go with my Lewre green heel... 

Ah which dress do you think look better on me? 

Honestly being a plus size not a problem anymore ever since I discovered Dorothy Perkins years ago! And  now dressing up is one of my hobbies one and always I m looking forward to shop for a new dress!

While hunting for more new dresses I saw the new Kardashian Kollection and this Ombre mini dress caught my attention!


  1. Being skinny also not a problem right? :P

    1. I think i have friends who are really skinny and cannot fit into those free size clothes or XS... so well I guess too thin or fat also got disadvantages...

  2. Can I don't choose? Can both of them looks perfectly nice to me? Choosing is so troublesomeeeeeeeee

    1. Haha I think too.. choosing is so troublesome ..*speaking like a libra*

  3. I like your look in the Lime Lace dress.
    Look so pretty and sophisticated.
    I too love Dorothy Perkins. Started wearing them last year.
    I saw Kardashian Kollection ombre mini dress it's so pretty...

    1. Thanks Nadia... ah that ombre mini dress is so lovely right!!!

  4. I like the LBD more... Fuahhh your hair also fly like model!!
    Teach me how to do it! :D

  5. You look really good :) Who says plus size can't be pretty!!

    1. Thanks dear :) Wearing the right size of clothes makes hell lots of different :)

  6. you look very pretty .

  7. The first pic, your hair very flirt i like it! I prefer you in the black dress. Nice!

  8. I think having a sense of style has nothing to do with size and I think you really rock your own style and there's the fact that you are pretty anyway so it doesn't matter what size you are.

    I'm one of those yo-yo people who keep going up and down in weight but my style is nowhere near as cool as yours. I think I need to reinvent.
    My pick is the black dress. I love a good LBD and it looks great on you with the red belt.

    Off to check out Dorothy Perkins now...I love dresses too!


Let me know what you think! Thank you :)

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