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1st Ever Laughter Yoga Course by International Renowned Laughter Yoga Founder Dr. Kataria

Have you heard of Laughter Yoga before? 

Laughter Yoga is a special concept invented by Dr. Madan Kataria, an internist from India. Laughter Yoga combines yoga style inhaling techniques and laughing movements that provides practitioners more oxygen to the body and brain, and at the same time provides more vitality and increase overall happiness and well-being of the practitioners.   

This concept is based on a scientific research. Our body is not able to distinguish a "Genuine Laugh" or an "Artificial Laugh", but through this method, we are able to receive psychological or physical benefits. Laughter Yoga is easy to learn and safe form of practice based on a number of scientific reports. Laughter Yoga brings joys to the world too.

Its commencement took place in the year 1995 which started off with 5 people, and now this concept has been established and developed throughout the world. Laughter Yoga has become a worldwide phenomenon, and there are over 6000 Laughter Yoga Association recognized in 60 countries throughout the world.

 Benefits and Values

1. Increasing Resilience To Stress 
There are many ways to increase resilience towards stress. Laughing is a simple and economical method and the ideal release agent to relax your muscles. It can also accelerate the speed of red cells that carry oxygen throughout the body. Effective laughing can suppress the secretion of adrenaline that causes nervousness and stress. Therefore, laughing is deemed to be a dynamic form of meditation and relaxation. In general, to go into meditation, one must be skilful enough to separate themselves from instant emotion and physiological state to prevent confusion in body and mind. However, Laughing does not require these deliberate procedures because at the moment of laughing joyfully, all of the sentiments will be naturally fused into one and hence yield a peaceful, joyful and relaxing state. To get into a deep meditation that separates body and soul is never an easy task. Therefore, Laughing has then become an alternative and effective meditation that can allow you to reach the ultimate relaxation.

 2. Strengthen Body Immune System 
Immunologic system plays a prominent role in averting various kinds of infections, allergies and cancer threats. Psychoneuroimmunologist had certified that all kind of negative emotions, such as anxiety, depression and rage, will further weaken our immune system, and it may leave the body vulnerable and lack energy and strength to fight against any illnesses. According to a research conducted by Dr. Lee S. Berk from Loma Linda University California of United State, laughing is conducive to generate a certain amount of NK cell (a kind of white blood cell) to enhance the antibody ability. Moreover some researches also prove that laughing is able to increase the antibodies in respiratory tract and nasal mucus. These antibodies are conducive to fight against bacteria, virus and micro -organism. Many members from Laughing Association found out that laughing has significant impact on their bodies that was capable of reducing a substantial fraction of their flu, sore throat and lung disease condition. Therefore, Laughing is considered as a highly recommended treatment even for AIDS and cancers.

3. The Best Aerobic Fitness in the World
 Laughing generates a sense of felicity and exuberance for everyone regardless of age, gender and race. You will be imbued with vitality for the whole day after practicing "Laughing" for 15 minutes every morning. No other medicines exist that could provide you with such an instant and potent effect than "laughing". The blissful and happy experience is generated because you inhale a massive quantity of oxygen when you laugh. It is not necessary to wear sport wears when compared to other aerobic activities, and at the same time you also do not need to be soaked in sweat after running on a treadmill. According to a research conducted by Dr. William Fry from Standard University, he found out that 1 minute of "Laughing" is virtually equivalent to 10 minutes of jogging effort. That is to say, "Laughing" is able to promote heart blood circulation like any other aerobic fitness. "Laughing" is suitable for people who spend most of their time in the office, wheelchair and laying on bed.

4. To Release Negative Emotions 
Hectic lifestyle in the urban area suppresses us and we have to pay the price for our health. Many mental issues such as anxiety, gloominess, nervousness, prostration and insomnia are steadily rising. "Laughing" helps majority of people to extricate themselves from relying on strong tranquilizers and anti-depressants. It has aided people to have better and deeper sleep, liberate themselves from depression and also suicidal people have found hope in living.   

5. To Relieve High Blood Pressure and Heart Diseases 
There are lots of factors such as genetics, obesity, smoking and so on. Where are too much fats present in our body, this could trigger hypertension and heart diseases. However, among all of the factors, "Pressure" is one of the severe causes that we cannot ignore. "Laughing" is able to help reduce the concentration of hormone that give rise to pressure and helps humans to release stress. Experiments indicate that laughing for 10 minutes is able to cut down hypertension levels. But this does not imply that hypertension patients can quit drugs from their daily dosage completely. In other words, you can reduce the drugs dosage but not completely eliminate it. Patients suffering from mild hypertension will be recovered after some time later. Hypertension takes years to form and it is impossible to recover within few days or months. "Laughing" could control the disease to a certain extent, and help convalesce gradually. Similarly, if you belong to one of the high-risk group of heart diseases, "laughing" is one of the ideal precautions. For the patients whose diseases are under control, they can practise laughing, which allows to promote blood circulation and the transmission of oxygen from heart to muscles. Hence, this could minimise the chances of blood clogs. Laughing Yoga is entirely suited to heart disease patients and those who have undergone operation treatment.

6. To Increase Athletes Stamina 
The vital capacity of an athlete decides the performance. Practise some "Laughing" exercises before any sports to relax your body, and this could help you earn an amazing performance. Therefore, "Laughing" exercise is strongly recommended as a training preparation before undertaking any sports.  

7. Internal Body Massage 
"Laughing Treatment" is a kind of exercise that could massage all of the internal organs, accelerate oxygen transmission and provide general wellbeing for the entire body. The result of laughing treatment suggests the idea of massaging your colons and speeding up blood circulation, and granting you a better bowel movement.  

8. Advantages for artists and singers 
 "Laughing Yoga" helps artists and singers to boost up their vital capacity, enlarge the diaphragm and increase the practice of abdominal muscle. This laughing treatment could help you to achieve a total relaxation of body, mind and soul. This could also prevent stage fright and help to increase self-confidence.  

9. Youth Restoration 
Majority of people exercise for a whole body muscle training. However, one could not train their face muscle except by practising Yoga. Laughing Yoga is classified under Yoga family and it is absolutely suitable for face muscle training that will give you an ample facial expression. When we are laughing, we inhale more and more oxygen that will help our face glow with an energetic look.  

10. Enhance Harmonious Relationship among each others 
"Laughing" can integrate crowds and improve relationship between each other. The members from Laughing Association are equipped with an open heart and mind, and we care for each other. Participating and interacting once in this association will help to attract interactions with many friends. Until today, the relationship between our members is as intimate as family and friends, we know each other and we share with each other our happiness and sadness. People coming from different backgrounds are gathered here for one purpose --"Laughing"

11. Strengthen self-confidence 
When you are able to spontaneously raise your hand to the blue sky and laugh with a bunch of good friends in the public, imperceptibly you are gradually removing your self-constraint. As time goes by, you will be able to get on well with others, become more open-minded and more active. When people first join "Laughing Association", they are worried about how others will perceive them and they lack spirit of participation, and are reluctant. However, after overcoming the transition period, you will be able to open your heart and view this world from a wider angle. Hence, your long absent confidence will be restored, and you will be more mature exerting greater leadership.  

12. Aids to Our Society
Numerous research reports indicated that a pessimist is more susceptible to hypertension, heart diseases and even cancers. Depression turns off the immune system. The most common factors are bankruptcy of family values and individual isolation. It is a common phenomenon in western countries but now spreading to eastern countries as well. The Laughing Association helps members to be independent from antidepressants within a short period of time; the most essential reason being that they can recover from depression is because they felt love from other members. "Laughing Association" has gone from being a global to being a a small community, where everyone feels a strong sense of belonging and togetherness from each other. "Laughing Association" is now expanding to be known as "Laughing Family".

Laughter Yoga Course Information
Training Date:-
14/8/2013 to 18/8/2013(total 5 days) 
14/8/2013 - 9am-6am 
15/8/2013 - 7am-9pm 
16/8/2013 - 7am-9pm 
17/8/2013 - 7am-10:30pm 
18/8/2013 - 7am-1pm  

Registration Date & Fees RM 2980  for 5 days training
There are a total of 28 places and there a few more left  

If you are interested to join, contact: 03-79800616 / 016-3333380 (Amanda)  

The Laughter Yoga course would be conducted at
Inner Peace Centre 
Jln 10/116B, Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, Jln Kuchai Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur.  


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