Monday, September 30, 2013

Choose the Right Dress for Your Shape

I love dresses and I guess everyone who knows me know that! Dresses should be a staple of any woman’s wardrobe, but many shy away from wearing them, as they are not confident enough in a dress or do not know what suits them. A lot of women prefer to wear trousers the majority of the time, as they are familiar and easy to wear. By working out which dresses suit your frame and your style however, you can add a whole different dimension to your wardrobe and feel feminine every day. Dresses can be worn for work, out shopping, to an evening event, and many others. You can accessorise to make your dress smarter or more casual depending on the occasion, and there are many different styles of dress available to suit different functions.

Let me share how you measure up below and find your perfect match. 

Ladies with a boyish frame often shy away from dresses, as they do not feel feminine enough to pull it off. Boyish frames are typically very straight with hardly any hips or bust meaning, in actual fact, that clothes hang beautifully, just as they would on a model. The best cuts of dress for athletic or boyish frames are long straight maxi dresses, or shorter dresses with ruching, frills or detailing to the bust and bum areas. You can find some amazing maxi dresses at George at Asda, so you can try dresses without spending a fortune on something you are not sure about wearing. 

Pear-shaped babes have an ample booty, but are usually lacking a little in the chest area. Choosing a dress is all about creating optical illusions and balancing the top and bottom halves. Pears should go for a dress that has embellishment on the upper half, either on the bust area or if it is higher cut, on the neckline. Choose a dress that nips in at the waist and kicks out over the hips skimming them and therefore making them appear smaller. Skater style dresses are good for this as are a-line cuts. Lighter colours on the top than the bottom also create the illusion of balance between the two halves. 

An hourglass figure is the most enviable of all. Most women dream of having hips and a bust that are balanced, and a waist that nips in to give an effortlessly feminine silhouette. These women should live in dresses they are that suited to them, and most styles will look fantastic on this frame. One of the best for hourglass lovelies is a wrap dress. This pulls in even tighter at the waist emphasising this curve and draws attention to the hips and chest making even more of this already fabulous figure.

Dresses are fantastic, and if you find one you love you will strut with twice the attitude than you would in trousers. There are so many styles available that there is something for everyone. You can team a dress with whatever jewellery, shoes, boots or anything else you like to give a look that is unique to you. 


  1. Interesting facts ! thanks for sharing jess :)

  2. Love dresses like u does, sakai!! :))

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  4. lol... i didnt know got newspaper shape until now.... hahaha


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