Saturday, April 5, 2014

Review : Biomedics 1 Day Extra Daily & Sign up for free trial lens!

Just last year I found out from my Optometrist that my eyes are pretty dry of level 2 hence I usually carry non-preserved artificial tear with me all the time to moist my dry eyes. I was told me that I should cut down wearing colour lens as it's more drying and stick with clear lens. And I should stop wearing any lens if my eyes are red and it's best to wear daily lens as it's more hygienic and comfortable. Since then, I have been trying out different brands of contact lens.

And just few weeks ago the kind PR people in CooperVision sent me 2 box of  Biomedics 1 Day Extra Daily to try. I have tried their Biofinity monthly lens before and I think they are quite good. 

Each box of Biomedics 1 Day Extra Daily comes with 30 daily disposable contact lens is priced at RM80.
Before I tell you more how I feel about the lens, let me share with you the benefit of Biomedics 1 Day Extra Daily

  • 55% water content  Comfortable lens wear for up to 11 hours
  • Healthier eyes (replacing your lenses everyday regularly helps to promote good eye health)
  • No-hassle convenience – no need to deal with the cleaning and storage hassles of conventional contact lenses
  • Reduced effects of allergies - allergens have less time to build up on daily lenses
The Biomedics 1 Day Extra Daily contact len material is soft but does not break easily.

My review of Biomedics 1 Day Extra Daily contact lens 
So far I have pretty good experience in trying out this lens. Usually I start wearing the Biomedics 1 Day Extra Daily lens from the morning and only take out when I go shower at night (about 12 hours wearing them). My eyes are comfortable and it fits nicely. I was happy that I do not have red eyes or any infection while I was wearing them. Was really happy that my eyes feels really comfortable and my eyes does not feel drying at all. 

Out of so many daily lens brands I tried Biomedics 1 Day Extra Daily lens is one of the most affordable daily disposable lens out there of all as it's selling at RM80/box for 30 pieces of lens - which works out RM5.30 per pair compare to other brands which usually about RM6/pair. So I think I would be getting this in the future! 

And if you ask if I would prefer daily or monthly contact lens? I would pick daily contact lens any time because it's so hygienic as we throw away each pair after using them. Also wearing daily disposable lens cuts down the risk of having eyes infection from dirty contact lens casing ( as we supposed to clean the casing each time we store our monthly or yearly lens). And if you are someone who do not wear contact lens daily, definitely daily disposable lens are more cost efficient.

I love bringing daily disposable lens for my holiday because I always travel light and I wanted to save my luggage space for shopping bags!

I was told that Coopervision is running a sampling program in their website where each person are given 5 pairs either CooperVision Biomedics 1 Day Extra or Toric lens to try by filling up some details in their website. Click to redeem yours today! The sampling program would run until 30 April 2014.

For more information about Coopervision contact lens, visit

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