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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bella Awards "She Sparkles"

Bella Awards "She Sparkles" may be the 1st women's awards show in the country and it is expected to be the most significant award ceremonies ever held to celebrate, recognise and honour WOMEN from all walks of life.

The press conference was held in Sheraton Imperial last month and it was set up in a beautifully in purple and has very "bella" feeling! Bella Awards has the theme of She Sparkles because women are precious gems, they not only sparkle from the outside but inner as well with significant and outsanding contribution made to the society.

Initially ntv7 started off with 5 awards Bella Creative Award, Bella Style Award, Bella Beautiful Award, Bella Business Award and Bella Heart Award which is by nomination. And later on additional four NEW categories including Bella On-Screen Award, Bella On-Stage Award, Bella Sports Award and Bella Radio Award was introduced and it would be based on public voting.

 Ballet dancing by little cute angels~

Welcome speech by Ms. Airin Zainul, Group General Manager of ntv7 and ntv8. She said that "Women contribute tremendously towards nation building and thus deserve to be celebrated in the grandest fashion therefore it is a natural fit that the LIVE show on 2nd March will be an event thay is beyond spectacular."

These nominees were assesed based on their contributions, achievements and portfolio by a panel of judges. Besides the women recipients, the MEN will also be acknowledged with a special  recognition for their contribution to women and the society in general, with an individual to be awarded wth the "Bella Mars Award" title.

Meanwhile, the highest award for that night will be "The Bella Award". This special acknowledgement will be awarded to an individual not restricted to the nominees in the mentioned categories.

 These 6 girls are Bella Official Correspondent finalists

 These young girls are beautiful & brave

 The rest of the finalists from other categories

  Here are the top 5 nominees for the below categories by nomination.

Honouring Malaysian women who contributed to the nation through the arts from Thespians, Photographers, Gallery Owners, Painters, and such
  • Adibah Noor     
  • Asha Gill     
  • Low Ngai Yuen     
  • Yuna     
  • Zee Avi
Honouring Malaysian women who contributed to the nation through the fashion & beauty scene from Fashion Designers, Makeup Artists, Hair Stylists, Beauty Experts, and such
  • Andrea Fonseka     
  • Gillian Hung     
  • Ung Yiu Lin     
  • Winnie Loo     
  • Wirda Adnan
Honouring Malaysian women who contributed to the nation through the health & wellness scene, striving to make Malaysia a healthier nation Including Doctors, Nutritionists, Therapists, and such     
  • Daisy Lee     
  • Dr. Premitha Damodaran     
  • Gloria Ng     
  • Lilian Tan     
  • Ninie Ahmad
Honouring Malaysian women who is bold and brave to stand above all odds and inspire other women around her     
  • Dato’ Ruby Khong    
  •  Dr. Hartini Zainudin     
  • Poesy Liang    
  • Sabrina Yeap     
  • Yasmin Rashid
Nominees based on public voting

Malaysian women that have made tremendous achievement on stage sms BELLA
  • Anita Sarawak BA6     
  • Dato' Sheila Majid BA2     
  • Dato' Siti Nurhaliza BA1     
  • Jaclyn Victor BA7     
  • Joanna Bessey BA10     
  • Joanne Kam Po Po BA3     
  • Ning Baizura BA5     
  • Shila Amzah BA4     
  • Soo Wincci BA8     
  • Suhaili Micheline BA9
Malaysian women who have made tremendous achievement in the field of athletics
  • Amirah Syahirah Zulkifi BD10     
  • Cheong Jun Hoong BD9     
  • Datuk Nicol David BD2     
  • Goh Liu Ying BD8    
  • Noraseela Khalid BD4     
  • Nur Suryani Taibi BD3     
  • Nurul Syafiqah Hashim BD6     
  • Pandelela Rinong BD1     
  • Tee Jing Yi BD7     
  • Wong Mew Choo BD5
Malaysian women who have made tremendous achievement in the field of radio sms
  • Hunny Madu BC6     
  • Fara Fauzana BC1    
  • Linda Onn BC2     
  • Patricia K BC9     
  • Sara-Jane Lo BC10     
  • Serena C BC8     
  • Sarimah Ibrahim BC5     
  • Yoon Ng BC3    
  • Zher PennBC4     
  • Dilly BC7

  • Cheryl Samad BB2     
  • Debbie Goh BB4    
  • Karena Teo BB10     
  • Lisa Surihani BB6     
  • Maya Karin BB9     
  • Nora Danish BB3     
  • Nur Fazura BB1     
  • Ong Ai Leng BB5     
  • Siti Saleha BB7     
  • Thanuja Ananthan BB8

Bella Awards "She Sparkles" will be air LIVE on 2nd March 2013 from The Royale Chulan Hotel, Kuala Lumpur at 9pm-10.30pm, while the Red Carpet will be shown at 8.30pm only at ntv7. There will be also live streaming on Tonton at There will be performances by local and international artistes, fashion shows and lots of suprises.

Bella Awards is supported and endorsed by the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development. The Award shows is sponsored by Hai-O Group as the main sponsor. Visiber was also announced as the Official Jewerly and Revlona as the Official Make-up.

For more information on Bella Awards 2013, visit or follow ntv7 Facebook or Twitter.

Oh I'm so looking forward to attend the glitzy and glamorous Bella Awards this coming 2nd March 2013! 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Crowd went crazy when Redfoo (LMFAO) did his wiggle wiggle dance at We Love Asia Music Festival!

What I did last weekends!

I drove to Sepang International Circuit twice!! Really really really far but We Love Asia Music Festival makes my trip really worth it !
Thank you to Don Chan & Manoah Consulting for the tickets, got it a few days before the concert! 

When I reached, the concert haven't officially start... so I went some of the booth to win some prizes! 

 Won some really cool LED rings! Super ♥ this!

 The stage

 Here are some of the pictures which I took!
My only favourite performance for day one in We Love Asia ; Taio Cruz 

His performance is full of energy! And this is my 2nd time watching him singing live!

The 2nd day, the crowd number went by double or triple!!! I think everyone want to come and see Redfoo & Steve Aoki! 

 RedFoo from LMFAO is the reason I am willing to drive all the way to Sepang to watch it! I miss watching his concert last year!!!

He is super entertaining, funny and engaging!

 Look at how crazy is his party rock crew!

When RedFoo started singing party rock anthem , he took off his shirts and started shuffling!

Caution: Before you decided to scroll further, please note there will be obsence pictures of Redfoo which is not suitable for anyone below 18 years old.

Crowd went crazy when Redfoo decided to take off his pants when he sang Sexy and I know it. Everyone was screaming because he was doing the winggling wiggling action. 

Seriously I didnt expect that he will do like how he did in his music video!

 And Redfoo & whole party rock crew stripped further to become really "sexy" and doing their wigglingAnd the dancing is so xxxx but so entertaining! was an epic moment!
 Everyone just went wild, everyone was screaming & dancing and of course wiggling!

 Steve Aoki who is the last performance gave another epic performance! I knew a lot of people went to We Love Asia Music Festival just to see him spin!

That is the night, we all went crazy, singing, dancing, jumping and doing crazy stuffs... and refuse to go home early!

Oh well... now I can't wait to attend the We Love Asia 2.0 concert!!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

I have met Prince William and Kate Middleton in KLCC Park, Malaysia

 Presenting to you Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton in Malaysia! They are on nine-day tour in Asia on behalf of the Queen for official Diamond Jubilee tour! Malaysia is their second country as their visit in Singapore few days ago! They will be in Malaysia from 13-16 September 2012

Well just this morning I with a few hours sleep, I dragged myself out of bed to go to KLCC Park to meet Tianchad & Michelle together we know that we cannot miss the life time opportunity to see Prince William from near!

 So this is me getting ready to see Prince William Phillip Louis (such a long name right!)

 The crowds. 
The crowd were that big as I expected to be!

 This guy one of the organising personnel gave us Malaysian flags for free, so that we all should wave our flags to welcome Prince William & Kate Middleton in KLCC Park!

 Malaysian flag

 Ladies in malay tradition costumes!

We thought got some kinda of dancing performance but end up they just stand there doing nothing!

This guy I think is from British High Commission trying to bring up the atmosphere by asking the crowd to cheer ! And that was at 10.30am and he said another 5 minutes the royal couple will arrived , come on keep cheering !

 Just right before our eyes! A group of man wearing malay costumes walked in and everyone was cheering!

 And my Prince William , Duke of Cambridge appeared in KLCC Park for public viewing, I was stunned for a moment!!!!!

He was looking so good just like what I have imagined and thought he would be for the past 20 years!  No secret of me being his biggest friends among my friends during school days!  However most of the people I have met came to see Duchess Cathering rather than Prince Charming William, they said they like her fashion sense!
Prince William was wearing his usual formal attire, while Kate Middleton wore an elegant white knee-length dress by Beulah London. The collar itself looks like our Malay traditional dress Baju Kurung.
  Duchess Catherine has neat bun to display her earrings! 

 Kate Middleton Beulah London Sabitri Dress, very simple & elegant!

Kate was wearing her favourite LK Bennett nude pumps again!

 I gotta to be honest Prince William looked more handsome than his photos found online! His look has not changed much actually! I still remembered how cute he looked during Princess Diana's funeral in 1997! 

So sad to see Prince William & Kate Middleton walked passed up and didnt manage to have a handshake over whatever! *depressed*

 Suddenly out of no where don't know where all these people appeared!
 On our right side are those lucky people to managed to have handshake with them!

As I was trying to walk to the other side to see what happened, found irreponsible parents throwing their baby stoller on the floor!

 Even our Malaysian flags also being dumped on the floor!

 The crowd move according to where these Royal Couple walked. And everyone was trying to snap a memorable pics of them!

 After almost an half an hour walk, they are taking their buggy ride back!

 Up close with  Presenting to you Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton! Smiling so sweetly together! Picture courtesy of Tian Chad!

Goodbye my William, finally I see you after 20 years! I was glad to see you before you become the King of England one day!

 Met a group of students from an International school in KL was cheering so loudy with their props! 

Met a group of ladies that were celebrating with champagne in Chinoz after meeting the royal couple! So I also took an opportunity to take pic with them!

 Found Bernama posting Duchess Catherine (Kate Middleton) wearing a scarf when she entered the mosque earlier this morning! Kinda match her dress! Good to know Kate Middleton removed her heels too before entering the mosque as a sense of respect!

 So I'm glad I finally went to meet Prince William this morning! It will be an unforgetable moment for me because my dream came true! Awwww.... I wonder when will Prince William come again!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge official Diamond Jubilee tour schedule
 Singapore 11-13 September 2012
Malaysia 13-16 September 2012
Solomon Islands 16-18 September 2012
Tuvalu 18-19 September 2012

Tomorrow 15 September, Prince William and her wife Kate Middleton will fly in Sabah to go deep into the rainforests of Danum Valley. Here they will learn about the conservation efforts of the Royal Society, of which the Duke is a Fellow and Sabah is the home to some of the last remaining areas of virgin tropical rainforest in Southeast Asia.

So for more updates on Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, follow British High Commission official website, twitter & facebook

And forget to like my Jessying's fanspage, will post more of my photos there!
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