Thursday, August 13, 2009

I won Stage Floral Fatale Gift set worth RM390!!!

I jumped around just now when my bf passed me a letter from ACP, he looked me one kind and asked why jumping so happy, I said must be I won a prize.... Hehehe... Well yes I indeed won a price from The Malaysian Women's Weekly Magazine July 2009, STAGE Floral Fatale Gift set worth RM390!!!!!!!!!!!

I have send in all the contest forms for past few months and always end up feeling disappointed when I didn't saw my name in the announcement of winner section. However at last my effort paid off!!!!!!! Thank you ACP, out of hundred, thousand and millions readers , you choose me. Yes ME!

This is Stage latest Floral Fatale Collection with two limited edition 5-shade shadow palettes, a green liquid eyeliner, purple mascara and two sets of false lashes to create a variety of looks depending on your mood. Though I'm not sure if I will be getting this.. Well its still a PRIZE, I am looking forward to it ! And I cant wait to see it myself!

Awwww......So prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...........

I can't stop smiling...............


  1. Oh NOOOOOO!!!!!! This is the one contest I am hoping to win. Yea, too cheapskate to spend RM135 for their Floral Fatale palette ;)

    Lucky you dear. See, I told you, slowly and be patient and won such a huge prize!! :D


  2. WOOW!!! so happy you won! now you know you have chance to win again in other contest, no give up yeah.

  3. Congrats!

    The collection soo colorful.. Pretty..

  4. Thanks girls for all your wishes, I am so happy but this is really unexpected after months of sending the entries in. Well this showed that miracle or luck does comes around, like Vonvon said we just have to be patient !!!!

    I will definitely take photos and show you girls and you girls drooolingg... hehe !~!

    Btw, i am drooling nowwww in my sleep

  5. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, so nice laaaaaa @_@ jealous2 hehehhe =P

  6. dont forget my contest no over yet, still have time guessing :) hehe.

  7. win big prize RM390.. sure everyone drooling lol. :) bet you will have fun play with the gift set :)


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