Sunday, August 9, 2009

Promo:Clinique 3-Step Skincare mini size

Clinique currently having roadshow in Pavilion KL at the Bintang Circle. And their latest promotion is their mini/travel of their famous 3 Step Skincare system consists of facial soap(50ml) , toner (100ml) and moisturizer(3oml) at RM110.

Only RM1.62?? Cheaper than the cost of taking LRT

Liquid Facial Soap(50ml), Clarifying Lotion(100ml) and Dramatically Different Mosturizing Lotion (30ml) for RM110, which is good buy for trial pack!

Some samples that given out by the SA


  1. Miu : need to be be spy to take a pic/check out the price ma.. Haha.. my sis and me got 2 samples each. But her skin sensitive, give me one.

  2. Jessying you are like cosmetics hunter :) I mean beauty hunter


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