Tuesday, September 15, 2009

LOTD : Review on Stila Pumping Lip Glaze

I never like lip gloss my whole life until I met Stila....just before they closed down in Malaysia (sob sob!!!)  For a simple reason because normal lip gloss which I used to buy is smelly and sticky (making me feeling like putting glue on the lips) ! So after  hearing and reading so much about reviews about Stila Lip Glaz, I thought thought of getting one to try however it is kinda expensive and thought to get it one sweet day.

So weeks before Stila officially closed down in Malaysia, I went to KLCC's Parkson to check out and that's where I first met Miu, Wing and some of the girls in Stila' counter rummaging and digging what left behind. So I manage to get Stila Pumping Lip Glaze , and now I love it to bits once I started using it!!!! Now I know why girls like to put on lip gloss, cos it looked so sexy and kissable!!

Lips of the Day with Stila Pumping Lip Glaze

I'm using Stila Pumping Lip Glaze Berry Mint 03

I like their design like a pen with a twist function and brush !

I like the lips looking very smooth, "full" and "pouty", once my male bestfriend told me the kissability is high.

So what do you think my lips kissability rate are?
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My Rating


  1. wow ur lips looks so kissable ~~~hehe...
    I like the pink color if stila , it looks very sweet ^^

  2. Yjia : unfortunately Stila closed down in Malaysia ! Hmm i heard there is Stila in Singapore.. or else perhaps u can look around in the blogsphere, i m sure many are selling.

    p/s: dont kiss me okay. i m straight. although my lips r luring u to do so !

  3. wah can so shinny until got stars ar...hou geng kekekekkeke.....was it stars or diamond ar...abit confuse kekekekekkee

    tutu j

  4. love your lips.

    stila closed down? I dont know at all. :(

  5. woww i like da color. I can't find it b4 even after chasing stila like crazy. which one eh? is it berry mint?

  6. sigh
    i didnt manage to grab them
    already finish by the time i had the chance to visit stilla.
    how much you got it for?

  7. Lynn: I think around rm40 i think..i manage to get the last 1 ... others colours too dark for me...

  8. hehehhe, u really are photogenic la jess, u looks like a million bucks gurl, hehhehe =P

  9. wah so siaxy that lips :p thanks to stila eh?

  10. geramnya......this morning i redeem the sample at Metrojaya Mid Valley, so disappointed....no sales person at conter! how come? still cuti raya wor....! Lancome conter also no sales person! why ah? hai.......
    Posted by 阿靓 at 8:38 PM 0 comments

  11. nice!!!!!!!!!1

    kissable indeed :)

    like this pic a lot, u look really pretty :)

    go go stila lip glazes!!!

  12. Byran : I think need to thanks to my mama also :D

    阿靓 : Wow , they still on Raya's break ??? weird weird.. maybe they are working the raya's weekends.. maybe the next round you want to go, give them a call first.

    Miu : thank you. Thanks to you, i love stila lip glaze nowwww...


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