Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Freebies of the week !

 Day 9 : 10 Days of No Shopping Challenge

Last Sunday I and few other girls went to the Triumph on Body Mapping free workshop in Isetan's Gardens.. Basically they introduced on the importance in knowing our own body, whether we are wearing the "right size"  and what to wear to enhance our confidence! Also there are few girls of different size to demo to us before and after wearing the corset. QnA sessions was good because we managed to asked a few questions. Unfortunately no photo taking is allowed during the workshop. 

To look as sexy confident as above!

 How to map yourself? Follow the steps above.

After that do the calculation following the above chart and see which category you falls into...

Our door gift!!! And since I'm Isetan's member so entitle to the special gift box on the right...

In case you wonder what it is .. It's G string ~

Haha, anyway after that we went for freebies hunting in Midvalley !!! At zero cost

Clinique's SA in Metrojaya Midvalley service very good, she told me I let you try all and see which you prefer. How nice is that I got 4 samples of foundation ( Superfit, Supermoist, Derma white and Superbalanced) Recommended SA, her name is Angie.

Then I went to redeem latest Lancome's Hypnose Sense

Ascent's Issey Miyake
p/s: Because I select in my e-coupun that the miniature to be collected in KLCC's Parkson branch, I cannot get the miniature here. However SA compensate my effort with the sachet ! Still better than nothing :D

Channel's Ultra Correction Lift (day and night cream)

Samples from Kiehls (Line Reducing Eye Brightening Concentrate, Rare earth Deep pore cleansing mask and Soy Milk and Honey Body Polish)


  1. my sil want wear g-string but she never wear one before. LOL I warn her.. you wont like the feeling.

  2. but first she need to find the size that fits her.

  3. hey jess have you start siy? it will be great if you blog each day process :)

  4. walao no wonder missing suddenly after clarins! go take all the freebies?

    btw that same day i bring janice go redeem her liquid foundation, the SA say all out of stock? wait new stock come only can???

    how come u can get wan! so many freebies n samples.. i have been slacking sigh.. no time collect or do..

  5. come the SA in clinique so nice and give 4 samples to you one ? unbelievable ~~~~ this friday i'm going down to Metrojaya MV and redeem my samples ^^ hope that i can get as much like urs ^^ haha...

  6. whoa so nice of the SA to give you all four. :)

  7. T.H - I dont wear G string, haha but would keep it as collection :D Ya size also is a problem ...

    Miu : Shssss... missing in action to accomplish your 10 days no shopping challenge ma :P How come the Clinique SA said no more stocks, is it the shade that suit Janice no more?

    Yjia / Lynn : U must look for that Chinese lady Angie :) all the best to u...

  8. nice pyjamas :) hehe.. I can't wear as mosquitoes a lot at night


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