Monday, October 19, 2009

Contest Giveaway

Hey readers out there!

I am going to do a contest giveaway in 2 days time!

This is in conjunction with my 1st 100 posts and my birthday !!!

So keep an eye on this ya !


  1. I like the banner so pretty :)

    you do it yourself? I mean the banner.

  2. Sherry : that banner on my website the cute little girl drawn my miu with Paint program ! she really good haha.. i like it too !!!! thanks to miu ... although i m so lauzy at art .. hahah but i can admire art 1 okay!

    Wendy : Stay tune okay !!!

  3. wow....
    really excited on your "Contest Giveaway"

  4. hey,

    what u giving away? Lot of good good stuff ke?

  5. kekekkee......make it fun fun n fun one jess......cant wait for 2 days to join kekekekeke.........

    hepi birday leng jess ^.^

    tutu J


Let me know what you think! Thank you :)

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