Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jessying's Birthday Giveaway !

I am doing giveaway to my precious readers on today which is also my birthday & and in conjunction with my soon to be 100th blog spot. And I would like to share my happiness with my fellow readers...

So tell me within 30 words

When you read my blog, what is the one object (things/persons/animals) which reminds you of my blog and why ?

In order to join this contest . you MUST

1) Be a follower of my blog.

Click Follow...

2)Leave your name & follower ID, email and permanent blog link at the comment box.

Eg : I'm Jess , my follower ID jessying , jessying@gmail.com and my bloglink is www.jessying.blogspot.com

3) Blog about the contest and its a plus point. (however for non-bloggers are not discriminated for this)

Be creative of your answers ! Make me laugh and agree at the same time to motivate me to keep blogging okay!!

p/s: For blogger who blog about this giveaway, you can be creative and put in a picture & your answer.

Contest ends at 31 October 2009 11.59pm.

Oh the what is the giveaway ....


1 Stage Divine Lash Mascara in Black (worth RM55)
1 Inuovi Eyebrown Powder (worth RM60)
1 H20 Travel Size Clearwater Body Balm
1 H20 Travel Size Clearwater Shower & Bath Gel
1 Laneige Travel Size Water Bank Cream2 EX
1 Laneige Travel Size Water Bank Essence _EX
1H20 Lip Oasis Lipgloss
1 Mac Nailpolish in Silverstruck (RM32)
Others mysterious items :D

(Due to change in unforeseen circumstances, the contents of the prize has been changed , sorry for the inconveniences caused)

*Terms & Conditions apply and my decision on the contest is final. Winner will be notified by email!

Good Luck!

Contest officially closed

Result to be announced soon!


  1. hi babe,
    this is my entry as i promised!

    Follower ID: HarimHamdan
    Email: lady_capullete@yahoo.com
    Blog: trianax.blogspot.com

    Go to my blog for answer!

  2. hie, I'm wendypua , my follower 恶魔的婷婷 AKA wendypua , wendypua@gmail.com and my bloglink is devil2teng.blogspot.com

    When i read your blog, Pink Panther is the one which reminds me of your blog because from time to time ur blog are in sweet sweet pink,
    and character same as the Inspector Jacques Clouseau, to find out all the latested news/freebies for the reader..

  3. Hi Jess

    I am Pauline, my follower ID is Lavender, www.eveninglavender.blogspot.com & paulinecltan(at)gmail(dot)com.

    Your blog is very easy to identify because of the cute little cartoon girl and your picture in the black outfit of course!

  4. hi~ i'm kim. my follower: kim_kim^^. email:kim_loverkim@hotmail.com, blog: http://loverkim.blogspot.com/

    1st of all, i know your blog is because you had left a comment in my blog... thanks for reading my story there. i miss my friend, every time when i pass the road, i will think of him.

    anyway, i'm "shocked" by your pinky blog... the words love, peace, faith, make me think of many... actually i dun really like pink, always try to avoid pink, but myself was look good in pink, so i had many pink clothes too~ your blog's ribbon impress me cause i like ribbon in my clothing and shoes. kekeke...

  5. Hiya, hope you had a good bday. Here is my entry.

    Name: Abby
    Follower ID: Abby
    Email: reviewsbyabby@gmail.com
    Blog: by-abby.blogspot.com

    Answered the question in my blog. But here it is also.

    The lovely heart and flower charms on your banners, together with that pink striped wallpaper which reminds me of the Christina Aguilera Candyman age.

  6. Your blog reminds me of a chocolate brownie sundae, so deliciously satisfying.. Updates on latest events, promos and freebies is always mouth watering and yummy.. ;p

    I blogged about it too.. :)


  7. Hi sweety , I m yi sin , my follower id is ysin ...

    I really like ur blog ~

    The answer is located at my blog


    enjoy ya ~ Muacks ♥

  8. Name : Hang Ju Li
    Follower ID : juli1202
    Email : hjl1202@hotmail.com

    The Pink Little Girl just like My ‘Lovely Pet' and its always jumping around to gather the latest beauty info. My Life becomes meaningless without her !!!

  9. Hai dear, is me sasa,


    check this dear

  10. When I first came across this blog, the first thing it reminded me of was a Jack-in-a-box (a type of toy where a figure, usually a clown, leaps out when the top of the box is opened) - because of the title!!

    But here instead of "Jack" leaping out, it's a cute JESS leaping out!! (insert pic i emailed but dunno how to)

    And Jess does not only just leaps out with joy, she leaps out with goodies and newsies for us!! YAY


Let me know what you think! Thank you :)

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