Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Haul from Kanebo Warehouse Sale

Went to the warehouse sale this afternoon, for those that did not know where, Its in Kanebo Beauty Institute which is the same row with Bangsar's MCD and 2 doors away from Guardian Pharmacy. The area of sale is quite limited as its held at the waiting area of the salon. Anyway the sale range from 30% to 80%, most of the Lunasol's products is on 30% off and even the latest AW 2009 eye pallettes are there for sale !!! Well I think its so obivious that this is the reason I went to the warehouse sale even when I am already broke !

The crowd is quite okay , not that many , but I think constantly they are people walking into the store. And it seems like the stocks are limited especially for Lunasol products. And for Kanebo Coffret D'or range is 50% off even for new collection (its RM60).

Wingz said in Gardens these collection eye pallettes this is out of stocks already !
But how come they are here one !
30% off from original price of RM160

As you can see I'm drowning into Lunasol thats why didnt manage to take the Kanebo skin care & cosmetic picture plus other Kanebo baby branch such as Kate, etc..

My total haul of the day.

Yes I said I m broke but ! The palette too pretty to say NO! Moreover this is the last palette in the store have after I bought for Wingz as well.

I bought Kanebo Coffret d'or latest gel eyeliner (RM44 after 50% off - Ori is RM88) and 2 liquid eyeliner in sparkling blue and silver (RM29 after 50% off from RM58)

If I dont buy I cannot sleep okay .=_=

Especially after my marvelous makeover by Mr Sakai using this palette

The gel eyeliner which comes with brush . I bought the last black colour . Only left few in dark brown.

My freebies/doorgift which the SA decided to give it to me even though I'm not 1st 10 customers of the day :D Well I m more than happy to try out the skincare :)

Suprisingly the customer service is very good, even the sale area is small but there are a lot of SA standby to help us and keep offering help. And she even said let me try it on your eyes. And this is 1st time in warehouse sale, where the SA serve you and try in on you , which also explains why I end up buying.

Hurry up and go if you intend to get Lunasol's products or Kanebo's skincare :)

Sunday is the last day and it opens from 11am-8pm, and best of all you can always call to check the price before you go . Click here for more info.


  1. I'm going to this sale today but need to control abit cuz bought too much during Laneige sale

  2. great haul, yeah too tempting to buy them. I no buy as no idea got sales and already broke as buy washing machine and need fix home

  3. Hi Jess,

    Did you see how much was the blusher so that i can budget how much to borong at starhill later ;p

  4. Xiang Ying: Hehe go and see see is okay 1 oh .. cuci mata mah !

    Vonvon : Haha , yes too difficult to resist the Lunasol palette, eventhough i have others eye colours at home.. sigh!

    T.H : Hehe no idea of sales, nonit buy, save money , good lah . hehe... buy necessities at home 1st, thats more important oh :)

    Jean : I am also broke too =_=!

    Pink Princess : Its around RM56 for Lunasol blusher , its so pretty @@@@ , but this is without casing ya, during sales no casing on sale... so maybe need get it from counter. Faster go n try it at Isetan Lunasol counter either in KLCC or Gardens, u will love it !!! I hold myself from buying..

  5. wil they hv kate eyeshadow n gel eyeliner??

    kate gel eyeliner is better/ coffret gel eyeliner is better?

  6. kanebo brand no try before.. how is the eyeliner? it smudge? I try in2it lol... my eyes like bear eyes.. when come home. it melt aiyo.. sweat. then see

  7. Sherry : I tried at the store, I didnt get smudge when I got home :D

    JJ : Yes I think there are , called them first and enquire about the products u want before going there :)

    Jessica : RM112 after 30% discount (NP : RM160) this is AW 2009 collection launched like last month!

  8. OMG!! Lunasol haul...And Coffret D'or..I totally missed the warehouse sales..hmm..

  9. OMG i missed this! i was just so near to the place and i didnt wanna go in because i was kinda broke tat time... feel like wanna hit myself hard coz the eyeshadow palletes from Lunasol are on sales too!!! :(

  10. Dont worry !!! Was told by Kanebo, they having warehouse sale 4 times a year !!! So next will be coming soon!! Stay tune !


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