Thursday, November 5, 2009

Jessying's Birthday Giveaway Winners

Few weeks back, I organised a birthday giveaway for my readers in conjunction with my birthday which falls in October and my first 100th post after started writing actively 4 months ago ! Well time flies ya ! Anyway here are the results ..... drum rolls!!!!

The grand prize consists of

1 Stage Divine Lash Mascara in Black (worth RM55)
1 Inuovi Eyebrown Powder (worth RM60)
1 H20 Travel Size Clearwater Body Balm
1 H20 Travel Size Clearwater Shower & Bath Gel
1 Laneige Travel Size Water Bank Cream2 EX
1 Laneige Travel Size Water Bank Essence _EX
1H20 Lip Oasis Lipgloss
1 Mac Nailpolish in Silverstruck (RM32)


On top of that the winner will win mysterious gift from me!

The person will also receive Estee Lauder makeup pouch, Sothy's free eye treatment worth RM90, Chanel's skincare, Anna Sui foundation samples and a bags of different kinds of samples for her to play with !!!

So here is the winner which I think are creative & funny:D

The grand prize goes to Ysin, congratulation !!

LOL , world of wolves ?? Is it she meant the cosmetic's company ? Haha, true also ah they always lure, tempt & attract us to go near them and then "eat" our money ... And we so kind willingly let them "eat" up somemore and end up broke! So silly right ?
Haha what to do, we are certified beauty addict!!!

WAIT, read further!

Since Christmas is just around, I decided to make those who has joined a contest a winner as well. And goodie bag consists of some random things will be given to ALL particiapents randomly using randomizer from . So now everyone is a winner too!


Abby & Fatin


Sasa & Lavendar



Wendy Pua

p/s: So winners, I will email you when I am free later on and please kindly reply me ya and Happy pre-Christmas everyone !!!!


  1. YAY!!

    I love my eyebrow prize!!

    thank you Muaks muaks

  2. HOORAY!!! Thanks Jess... I love the prize very much!

    If I'm not mistaken, REN having the same parent company with StriVectin, Perricone MD & ZO Skin Health.

    I'm so glad that I could actually try their products... REN Balancing Fluid & Facial Wash!


  3. Yeah!! i won the mascara, love it sooooooo much !!!!

    Thanks Jess!!!

  4. congratz to the Ysin.

    u r so kind to let me try out @ clarin item, thanks thanks thanks

  5. Thanks ! I never thought I will win it .. thank u jess ! u're my hero! Muacksss muackssss ~

  6. jess,

    thank you very much!!

    happy pre-Christmas for you!!

  7. actually did think to take part but never manage to think what to write LOL...

    the winner deserve the prize!


Let me know what you think! Thank you :)

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