Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Guest Review : Garnier Men Acno Fight

Sometimes I have been given men products for review, so this time around Shiiteck was my guest reviewer for this product. This is his first time doing skincare product review. Let's see what he says after been using it for a while.


Recently my face full of pimples due to lack sleep and unhealthy food I've taken everyday. Self esteem to minimum! Then I found out the new product "Garnier Men Acno Fight" in the market and I give a try on my problem face skin. See photo below,

It is Anti-Acne roll on type and very simple and easy to apply on the face. Apply directly onto and around imperfections and blemishes as soon as they appear and I can see the the difference after 1 week, the redness is reduced. I quite like this product as in the price is affordable below RM 20 and the effect is good.

This product can be used every single day and for me, I use it twice a day, morning after wash up and before off to bed. 15ml pack is perfect to bring along and no more worries.

Note : Above are the review from Shiiteck from http://shiiteck.blogspot.com

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