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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Guest Review : Garnier Men Acno Fight

Sometimes I have been given men products for review, so this time around Shiiteck was my guest reviewer for this product. This is his first time doing skincare product review. Let's see what he says after been using it for a while.


Recently my face full of pimples due to lack sleep and unhealthy food I've taken everyday. Self esteem to minimum! Then I found out the new product "Garnier Men Acno Fight" in the market and I give a try on my problem face skin. See photo below,

It is Anti-Acne roll on type and very simple and easy to apply on the face. Apply directly onto and around imperfections and blemishes as soon as they appear and I can see the the difference after 1 week, the redness is reduced. I quite like this product as in the price is affordable below RM 20 and the effect is good.

This product can be used every single day and for me, I use it twice a day, morning after wash up and before off to bed. 15ml pack is perfect to bring along and no more worries.

Note : Above are the review from Shiiteck from

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Celebrating Mother's Day with Garnier Body Nutri Repair

This year, Garnier has make our Mother's Day celebration a bit more special. First it was started with a little surprise where a bouquet of roses to be sent to my mother on Mother's Day, attached there is an invitation card for her to join to Garnier cooking class with me at the Cooking House.

It has been long since we have cooking session together, so we are looking forward to it!

My mum & I at the cooking session :D

The awesome Garnier team from Loreal Malaysia!

Bloggers with their mothers at the event

Chef Ryan Khang doing demo ! He will teach us how to do 2 desserts which are make from the ingredients in Garnier Body NutriRepair Repairing Milk Lotion.

The 2 desserts are Mango & Yogurt Tart and Charlotte of Mango Yogurt Mousse.

Needs of a lot of patience !

Charlotte of Mango Yogurt Mousse is so difficult to make and we re-do for the 2nd time after I forgot to put in the flour! Haha..

Look at how stressful are we !

Mango & Yogurt Tart was easier to make and hence look at my happy face ! LOL

The yummy mango filling in the tart!

Anyone want Mango & Yogurt Tart ??

Chef Ryan's masterpiece Charlotte of Mango Yogurt Mousse! Not only look good but taste so good too!!!

After the kitchen at war session , Garnier team did a demo on how to pamper our hands at home, by giving ourself a relaxing massage.

Garnier Body NutriRepair Repairing Milk Lotion was used here. Our hands smell so soft and yummylicious

Thank you mum for taking me all these while.

I felt so blessed!

A group picture with the Garnier team

Thank you Garnier, I have a great time bonding with my mother !

I love you mum!

To know more about Garnier, visit their facebook at

p/s: Stay tune , I will be announcing my Garnier Mother's Day giveaway result soon!

Monday, May 2, 2011

My Mother Nourishes My Life….With LOVE!

I don't usually talk about my family in my blog, but with Mother's Day around the corner and my mother's birthday happening on next week .... I want to share with my readers how great my mother is and how much I love her!

When my mum was giving birth to me 20+++ years ago, she nearly lose her dear life because she lost a lot of blood when delivering me. Lucky both of us survived !!! Thank you mummy for giving me a chance to live in this colorful world!

Since young, my mother has been a full time house wife to take care of the family. She wakes up early in the morning, prepare breakfast for us and sent us to school. And while we are at school, she cleans and cook for our lunch. And when I got home, I always have my favorite soup on the table ! And we never need to worry what to eat like the proverb says Mom's know best ! Now that I no longer stay with her, I kinda miss the life that I used to have...

My mother is a brave woman. She went to look for work at the age of 38 in Singapore after her divorce. She determine to pay for our her children expenses and education. Eventhough she is in Singapore, she never failed to call us everynight to talk to us and it felt as if she is beside us. Every week, we are looking forward for her to come home . And then we (the children) took turn to make her meals and massage her aching back. Today she enjoys working in Singapore, because she has her own circle of friends and able to be self-sufficient.

I am thankful that my mother nourishes us with her greatest love and care since! She is our guardian angel.

My mother is my best friend !!

When I say best friend, I really mean it. My mother and I shared a very special relationship.We share secret and advice each other what to do. She repairs my broken heart when I broke up with my ex-bf and gave her support and shoulder for me to cry on.

My friend always mistake that I am talking to a friend we talked to each other on the phone because no one to their mother like how I talked to mine. We laughed and share a joke, and sometimes we fight over issues!

And we sort off "renew" the mother & daughter relationship by having family holidays in Hong Kong last year !! And we are going for family trip in Bali this next year during Chinese New Year !!! We are so looking forward for it :D

In conjunction with Mother's Day, Garnier agreed to sponsor a giveaway for Jessying's readers. Read more !!

Here are some information about the Garnier Body NutriRepair Repairing Milk Lotion.

The new Garnier Body NutriRepair Repairing Milk Lotion, provides both moisture and protection with just one application. Garnier NutriRepair Intensive Repairing Milk Lotion ‘feeds’ skin with essential nutrients it needs to renew and regenerate with, giving you not only comfortable skin that lasts through the hours but also works hard to repair rough and dry conditions so skin feels and looks renewed with continuous use. Just one bottle… but two benefits!

This Garnier Body NutriRepair Repairing Milk Lotion so effective because it is fortified with Mango Extract, a natural emollient rich in essential nutrients that deeply nourishes and hydrates skin. This lotion also consists of L-Bifidus which helps trap moisture in your skin so you won’t experience any loss of hydration as the hours pass by.

It is an instant makeover with Garnier Body NutriRepair Repairing Milk Lotion, with skin looking completely fresh and radiant while feeling extremely soft and comfortable. No more itchy and uncomfortable skin after a few hours of application; a 24-hour solution that provides skin with intense hydration and repair, Garnier Body NutriRepair Repairing Milk Lotion is just the pampering care your skin needs.

Garnier Body NutriRepair Repairing Milk Lotion is available January 2011 at all major hypermarkets, pharmacies and retail outlets for only RM9.90, RM16.90 and RM21.90 for 120ml, 250ml and 400ml respectively.

Just like how our mother, Garnier nourishes, repairs and renew our skin!!!

Garnier agreed to do a special giveaway for 15 Jessying fans here, one bottle of 250ml Garnier Body Nutri Repair each of the 15 lucky winners here!

How to join?

1) Do a blog post title `My Mother Nourishes My Life….With LOVE!and upload a picture of yourself and your mother. Share with us how your mother nourishes your life.
2) Link the post back to my blog by providing my link at the end of your blog post. ( Note: You got to be my blog follower via google friend connect in order to join)
3) Leave a comment at this blog post with your Name, Blog permanent link and email.
4) This giveaway opens to Local & International readers.
5) The giveaway runs from 2nd May to 31st May 2011
Another good news is to those who do not blog, you are still entitle to get Exclusive Garnier Body discount voucher for 30% at Watson’s store

Just right click your mouse and save the above discount voucher before printing.

Hope to see all your lovely post about you and your mummy soon!

Happy Mother's Day to all mother's out there!

Announcement: I decided to make the contest easier, realised most of my readers don't blog, you can join my giveaway by posting a pic of yourself and your mother at your facebook wall with your love caption and link back to Jessying and Garnier.
Remember to leave a comment here with your name, email and facebook link so that I know :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Anyone try before Garnier Skin Naturals Light Whiten & Even Moisturizing Cream ?

Garnier Skin Naturals Light Whiten & Even Moisturizing Cream contains two effective ingredients which is the Pure Lemon Essence™ and the Snowpine Whitesoure™ which works very well in whitening and lightening dark and dull skintone. Snowpine Whitesource™ has 10 times more whitening efficacy as compared to Vitamin C. It also comes with SPH 17 PA++ sunscreen which works agains UVA and UVB.

And recently Garnier Malaysia announced the Project Light result which is an observation that was done on the two participants who used Garnier Skin Naturals Light Whiten & Even Moisturizing Cream for two weeks. After 2 weeks of usage, the two participants had their dark spots lighten by 2 tones and skintone lightened by 4 tones. AMAZING!

Comment : Personally I have used it for a 2 weeks, I find it a bit drying on my skin despite it comes in a cream form. And I do discover that most brightening/whitening products in the market will make the skin drier and I wonder why. Unfortunately I do not think my skin tone or dark spots are lighten yet at this point. If I do , will definitely update and share with you guys here.

This Garnier Skin Naturals Light Whiten & Even Moisturizing Cream is selling at RM 19.90 for 50ml at major pharmacies.

Anyone try this before and have their skin lighten ??

Do share with us here!

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