Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Zombies In Malaysia?

Seriously Zombies ????

Zombies roaming on the streets of Malaysia? RUN RUN RUN!

WAIT, since Zombies is real ?

Should we freak out or should we just scratch our heads over this one? What’s more eyebrow-raising is the fact that they’re Blue Zombies! Hmmm… Somehow, we can’t help but keep watching! It’s pretty entertaining and hilarious!

But it shouldn’t be any wonder if these creatures come to live because The Cranberries (my favourite band!!!!!!) – the band that got everyone to sing “Zombies” at the top of their lungs while furiously strumming their air guitars – are coming to Malaysia! And these zombies (one of them is me) are practically dying to grab those tickets for the band’s concert in KL!

Ohhhh....I want to go watch this !!!! Who want to go ??
I wan scream out my lung singing Zombieeeeeeeeeeee

Even if you’re not a zombie, you’d still want to watch this legendary band. After all, The Cranberries was one of *the* biggest and most successful rock act in the 90s, selling over 15 million albums in the US alone! Fronted by rockalicious Dolores O’Riordan, the band rose to height of their fame with their debut album “Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?”, spawning hit singles like “Linger”, “Dreams” and the infamous “Zombies”.

So it’s only fitting that zombies are rising to catch The Cranberries live in concert at Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur this 4th April 2012! We’re sure out of the 8000 audiences that will be attending the concert, there will be more than a few zombies rocking out in the crowd!

It’s A-Live (Concert) and You’ll Love It!

You don’t have to be afraid of the zombies, though. Oh zombies, they just wanna have fun at the concert and you could have fun alongside them while screaming zombie, zombie.. eh eh eh oh oh...

Cranberries Flashmob 2012! Zombiessss

Especially for all Celcom customers, you’re entitled to 20% off on tickets for any seating tiers until 31st March 2012 (limited to 4 tickets per customer).

If you want a true-blue awesome experience, you should try and get the Blue Zone tickets!

But How?

1) You could showcase your singing talents by belting out your best version of “Zombie”. Simply dial *2299009, listen to a snippet of the song, and then press 1 to start singing. You could get TWO FREE Blue Zone tickets if your version rocks.

2) Alternatively, you could subscribe to Facebook and Twitter via SMS, then follow The Cranberries on Facebook & Twitter for a chance to get TWO FREE Blue Zone tickets or an autographed CD.
For Facebook
Type F and send to 32665

For Twitter
Type T and send to 29800

3) You could even kill two birds with one stone. You can avoid a dead social life AND possibly get TWO FREE Blue Zone tickets by subscribing to Moko/Frenzer/Frenspot/Speesh. Post a photo imitating The Cranberries and the tickets could be yours!

Next, Zombies Go To The City of Love

\When you’re on The Cube, your encounter with Zombies is taken across the oceans! Subscribe and keep The Cranberries Call Me Tones and you could be on your way to Paris! An all expenses-paid trip for TWO to The Cranberries in concert in the city of love can be yours for the taking!

It’s your biggest reward for being such a die-hard fan of The Cranberries. Definitely an opportunity not to be missed, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to go to an epic concert!

Check out the songs code that you can subscribe at the this LINK and get on The Cube!

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