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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Joe Flizzow's #GilaBola

It's World Cup fever now... and thanks to that I officially had  cute panda eyes! 

Have you heard Joe Flizzow’s x Celcom new song #gilabola (#footballfever)? It's a big hit and if you haven't make sure you watch the video! 

Absolutely love his song because the lyric bola bola is so addictive... and keep playing on my mind!! The music video is a#truestory of people who#gilabola where it talks about the typical habits of ‘football mad’ fans of all ages and origins, like staying up all night just to watch the matches (yeh I'm talking about myself!).

Now it's very excited to watch the group eliminating matches and I'm rooting for Brazil...and I absolutely love their samba  (freestyler technique) technique in controlling the ball...but seems like they have to win against Cameroon to enter top 16 ! Germany and Netherlands team looks really aggressive and I think are the biggest competitor! My favourite players are Messi from Argentina and Luis Suarez from Uruguay, I think either one of them going to be Man of the Match for this year FIFA World Cup 2014!

Ah.. since all these matches are live at midnight... I think I got to put on more masks while watching!

I found out that by sharing all our football-mad moments with the hashtag #gilabola on Instagram... we might be really luck to be even appearing in Joe Flizzow's next video! 

Full lyric of the song can be found

Full music video 

30 sec music video

Friday, September 20, 2013

Let's ESCAPE together!

Well once a while it's good to escape from the city of jungles! And I escape for 10 days trips in Thailand recently! Back in Malaysia, I felt so stress with the work & trafic jam (horrible!!) ! All I want is to hide in my room to watch my favourite drama & movie all day long... and escape to their worlds! 

One of the best way to destress myself is always watching movie - especially comedy one!

 Recently Celcom introduced this FREE apps called ESCnow / ESCAPE (which is compatible with iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows user) where you can have your own world of entertainment wherever you go. It's an online movie library with a variety of Hollywood, Korean, Indonesian, Hindi and local movies. Also you can enjoy live events, live news, concerts and TV series on your mobile device. 

There are over 500 movies from only 80 sen per hour and maximum RM25/month service fee where you can enjoy all sorts of movie genres from Action, thriller, comedy, drama, horror & romance with a variety of Hollywood, Korean, Indonesian, Hindi and local movies. Also you can enjoy live events, live news, concerts and TV series on your mobile device. All these are Hi-resolution images which are delivered via adaptive streaming technology for excellent video quality across devices.

 Always wanted to watch this and finally I found George the Jungle! 

The best thing about ESCAPE is that, it allows you Pause & Play across devices anytime, anywhere. Most of us waste a lot of time on waiting,  be it waiting for meeting/events to start etc or waiting boyfriend to finish work. So with this, we can utilise our wasted waiting time into our own entertaiment time! 

There are also a contest "Who am I?" running at the moment - open for all Celcom subscribers! Simply just Guess who is this mystery person and win on ESCAPE!

Some tips for you to guess who is this person especially whis this obivious clues!

1. A guessing challenge by ESCAPE. - Simple challenge of guessing the mystery person. - Here are the clues: 

“I’ve been to Shanghai twice. In a rush hour, three times.”
 “I’ve been a panda. I’ve been a hyena.”

Very easy to guess lah! But if you still don't know, you should watch the video to know clues for more hintss entries as you like to increase winning chances!

This apps is exclusively for Celcom customers nationwide and oh don't forget to sign up at to register!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Let's celebrate Raya with a new iPhone 5!

With Hari Raya celebration just 4 days more to go, getting a new phone definitely is one of the wishlist for many!

Now, Celcom is giving even more reasons to celebrate Raya starting from 11 July to 15 September 2013, you can get a brand new iPhone 5 from just RM1,488 (RRP: RM2,199)! All you need to do is sign up with a Celcom First Data mPro Plus plan at RM88/month (24-month contract).

 With Celcom First Data mPro Plus plan, you can enjoy: 
  • Low monthly commitment fee of only RM88/month 
  • Special price on the iPhone 5 at only RM1,488 
  • 5GB data volume monthly 
  • FREE 60 mins & 60 SMS (Additional usage: 15 sen/min/SMS)
 It is definitely a perfect time to get a new phone for this coming Raya as you can capture the best festive moments wile staying connected with your loved ones whether in the city or back in your hometown through Celcom, the widest coverage on the fastest network.

 Don’t miss this special deal. 

Visit any Blue Cube or Celcom Xclusive to enjoy this privilege today.

.   For more info, you can visit here

Sunday, December 16, 2012

iPhone 5 launch in Celcom Blue Cube Pavilion KL

 Ho Ho Ho, iPhone 5 is already in town! 

Finally the wait for the iPhone 5 is over and since last Friday morning, Celcom customers has started to swarm in the store as early as 10am to collect their pre-booked iPhone 5 (where they only pay RM200 online to pre-booked!)

I saw many customers at Celcom Blue Cube Pavilion were anxiously waiting to get hold of their latest iPhone 5, everyone can't wait to unbox it and play with it!

With the attractive plans offfered by Celcom, owning an iPhone 5 has now become more affordable!

With Celcom First plan, you can enjoy these advantages and benefits: 
  • BIGGEST savings of up to RM1,921 (huge amount of saving right!) 
  • HIGHEST data volume of up to 6.2GB a month 
  • BUNDLED USAGE up to 1,500 in minutes/SMS/MMS 
  • FREE 1GB Celcom First WiFi access 
And more importantly Celcom has the widest network coverage anywhere in Malaysia, indoors, outdoors and on-the-move for messaging, voice calls, video calling, surfing, email, etc. Ya, no doubt Celcom has the best network in Malaysia!

Celcom offers 3 differents plans to suit your need! 

Celcom First Plan + Mobile Internet
Bundled Usage (Mins/SMS/MMS)
FREE Celcom First WiFi
Total Data Volume
FREE Celcom First WiFi
Monthly Commitment

Device Price After Savings (12-month contract)
iPhone 5 16GB
(RRP: RM2,199)
(SAVE RM541)
(SAVE RM651)
(SAVE RM801)
(SAVE RM1,051)
iPhone 5 32GB
(RRP: RM2,499)
(SAVE RM531)
(SAVE RM641)
(SAVE RM791)
(SAVE RM1,041)
iPhone 5 64GB
(RRP: RM2,799)
(SAVE RM521)
(SAVE RM631)
(SAVE RM781)
(SAVE RM1,031)
Monthly Fee After Rebate for first 10 months
(16GB, 32GB, 64GB)
RM75, RM76, RM77
RM104, RM105, RM106
RM139, RM140, RM141
RM194, RM195, RM196

Device Price After Savings (24-month contract)
iPhone 5 16GB
(RRP: RM2,199)
(SAVE RM901)
(SAVE RM1,121)
(SAVE RM1,411)
(SAVE RM1,921)
iPhone 5 32GB
(RRP: RM2,499)
(SAVE RM891)
(SAVE RM1,111)
(SAVE RM1,401)
(SAVE RM1,911)
iPhone 5 64GB
(RRP: RM2,799)
(SAVE RM881)
(SAVE RM1,101)
(SAVE RM1,391)
(SAVE RM1,901)
Monthly Fee After Rebate for first 20 months
(16GB, 32GB, 64GB)
RM73, RM74, RM79
RM97, RM98, RM103
RM128, RM128, RM134
RM177, RM178, RM183

In summary, the total Payment Upon Registration for each iPhone 5 model with Celcom First Plan + Mobile Internet is: 
•    iPhone 5 16GB: RM2,038 
•    iPhone 5 32GB: RM2,338
•    iPhone 5 64GB: RM2,638

A group of us were there busy checking out the first day launch at Celcom Blue Cube Pavilion!  

I believe iPhone 5 is now be one of the most wanted gift for Christmas, especially for iPhone lover! So be fast, especially left 9 days to Christmas! *wink..ahem my Christmas gift pls*  

Hurry up and Get one today!    

To find out more either visit your nearest Blue Cube or log on to to find out more!

Friday, December 7, 2012

The iPhone 5 is coming soon to Celcom. Pre-order yours today!

Anyone planning to get Apple iPhone 5? Thinking to queue up overnight and buy it?

Well finally, I can say the long-awaited iPhone 5 is arriving at our Malaysian shore!

Iphone 5 is the biggest thing to happen to the iPhone! 

Well if you haven't hear about what is Apple Iphone 5 is all about :-
  • It's running on the latest iOS 6 and A6 chip, you can experience performance and graphics up to twice as fast. With battery life to spare. 
  • The wide 4” Retina display gives you even more to see, and is more vibrant too. 
  • With an 8MP camera in your pocket at all times, you won’t need any other. 
  • Choose from 16GB, 32GB or 64GB.  
  • Of course, it’s built-in with Siri, your own personal mobile assistant.
Want to be the FIRST to own this in Malaysia? 

Well iPhone 5 is coming soon to Celcom and do you know that simply by paying RM200 deposit, you can secure your iPhone5 and get invited to the launch to be one of the first in Malaysia to own the iPhone 5.  And you do no need to queue overnight and buy lah!

You might be asking me , why choose Celcom...

  • It’s Malaysia’s best network! There's no doubt that Celcom has the best network in Malaysia, be in big city in KL or small town like in my hometown Segamat! 
  • Celcom has the widest network coverage anywhere in Malaysia, indoors, outdoors and on-the-move. 
  • Celcom offers the best network quality, be it messaging, voice calls, video calling, surfing, email, etc
  • Celcom gives you the richest web and video streaming experience with its stable connection.
 Although I don’t have details on prices and packages yet, you can still check out Celcom First plans here!

I just checked the website and guess what Celcom Pre-order for iPhone 5 64GB for Black or White is out of stock! Wow... So better be fast alright!

For more information, visit

Thursday, July 5, 2012

MTV World Stage Is Back with Justin Bieber!

It’s that time of the year again where MTV World Stage concert is the one that many have been waiting for!!! Finally it's back to our shores and this time, it’s going to be bigger than ever because the best international, regional and local acts will be performing there!

Although I did not managed to attend last MTV World Stage, I heard those who went have a rockin’ good time with 30 Seconds to Mars, Pop Shuvit, Neon Trees and Beast. X-plosive performances, X-travagant sets with x-tra excitement on the side made it the best MTV World Stage yet.

This year MTV World Stage 2012 is happening on 14 July at Surf Beach@Sunway Lagoon!

Do you know heartthrobs Justin Bieber will be performing this year!!!

Never say Never!!!

Besides that Jay Park, K-Pop queens Kara, and the fierce Miss Nina will be performing at MTV World Stage!

So to those who have not get the ticket, good news is that Xpax is you FREE tickets to MTV World Stage: Live in Malaysia 2012 !

Get FREE ticket when you reload or subscribe:-

Reload RM60 and above to get TWO FREE tickets.

Step 1: Register by sending MTV to 28881
Step 2: Upon receiving registration confirmation SMS, reload RM60 (cumulative) and above to get mobile voucher to redeem TWO FREE tickets.

Terms and Conditions:
• Limited to TWO tickets per mobile number.
• Register and reload must be performed before 10th July 2012.
• Mobile voucher must be redeemed by 12 July 2012.
• Tickets availability is subject to first come, first serve basis.


There’s always cool swag for you when you “Like” them in Facebook. Be a fan of Xpax/U.O.X./S.O.X. on Facebook and you could score tickets to MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2012. Starting 26th June 2012, you can log in to the Xpax/U.O.X./S.O.X. Facebook page at or or and use the “Time to Muxic” Facebook app.

From 26th June to 8th July, use the app to spread the word about MTV World Stage and share it with as many friends as possible. The more you share, the more points you get and this will affect your ranking in the app’s leaderboard. Be one of the top 25 point-getters and you will win FOUR passes to MTV World Stage!!

Then, on 14th July, 12.00am, you can log on to on your mobile to check in to the concert and tag your MTV World Stage photos with Xpax by connecting your Facebook account to the site. Each check-in and tagged photo will earn you points that could win you passes to the MTV World Stage after-party. The ten fans with the most points will be getting those exclusive passes!



Download selected Call Me Tones and True Tones or Full Songs to stand a chance at getting FREE tickets to MTV World Stage.

To Download Call Me Tones: Dial *888*# press CALL.
To Download Full Songs: Send FSsong code to 21308.
To Download True Tones: Send TTsong code to 21308.

You and your friend could be on your way to MTV World Stage for FREE! Join Frencube by dialing *888*219#. Then pose like a superstar and upload the photos to Frencube to stand a chance to win FREE tickets.

Just record your voice screaming “I Love Justin Bieber” in the longest and craziest way to get tickets to MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2012! Dial *1185 to stand a chance!

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Chance to meet Justin Bieber!

It’s great to win tickets, but what’s greater is a chance to actually meet Justin Bieber in person! We’re giving you a money-can’t-buy chance to have a meet & greet session with the superstar himself and all you have to do is download his songs “Boyfriend” and “Die in Your Arms” as your Call Me Tones then send them to your friends as gifts.

To download, type CMTsongcode and send to 22990 or dial *888*# and press CALL.

To send Call Me Tones as a gift, type CMT Giftsongcodefriend’s mobile number and send to 22990.

For easy downloading, go to The Cube’s mobile USSD portal by dialing *888*99# or *888# and select MTV World Stage 2012.

You could be the extremely lucky one to join an exclusive Meet & Greet Session with Justin Bieber! Never say Never you going to meet him , so try your luck!!

So, if you want to be at this year’s MTV World Stage and have an X-citing time, go to or now!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Be The 1st To Experience The Samsung Galaxy SIII with Celcom

If you didn't know, Samsung Galaxy SIII has been officially launched last Thursday which I have blogged about it...and they are officially the latest smartphone in town!

I can't help but to tell you that I'm really impressed with Samsung Galaxy SIII because it is so SMART because it knows what you need even before you do with their S VOICE function!

Not only that it has really cool new features such as:-

Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich gives you superb power and performance.

A super awesome 8-megapixel camera that lets you capture life’s moments.

See it all in the wide 4.8” HD Super AMOLED display

Store all your pictures, music and videos with up to 64GB via microSD

BEST OF ALL I was told that we could pre-register for the Samsung Galaxy S III with Celcom starting from 25 – 30 May 2012!

Those who pre-register online, will enjoy priority lane at Celcom's launch event

To enjoy this, Simply by Fill in the online form with your details at where you can choose your preferred pick up location ( Midvalley KL, Aeon Station 18 Ipoh or Sutera Mall JB) and afterward you would will receive an e-invite to the event!

By pre-registering online, you also have the option to share it with 5 of your friends on Facebook, which entitles you to enter the lucky draw at the launch to be in the running to win a Samsung GALAXY SIII!

It’s so simple to register and you are on your way to be the FIRST one in Malaysia to own this awesome Samsung Galaxy SIII with Celcom network.. wait no more!

For more information, visit

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Zombies In Malaysia?

Seriously Zombies ????

Zombies roaming on the streets of Malaysia? RUN RUN RUN!

WAIT, since Zombies is real ?

Should we freak out or should we just scratch our heads over this one? What’s more eyebrow-raising is the fact that they’re Blue Zombies! Hmmm… Somehow, we can’t help but keep watching! It’s pretty entertaining and hilarious!

But it shouldn’t be any wonder if these creatures come to live because The Cranberries (my favourite band!!!!!!) – the band that got everyone to sing “Zombies” at the top of their lungs while furiously strumming their air guitars – are coming to Malaysia! And these zombies (one of them is me) are practically dying to grab those tickets for the band’s concert in KL!

Ohhhh....I want to go watch this !!!! Who want to go ??
I wan scream out my lung singing Zombieeeeeeeeeeee

Even if you’re not a zombie, you’d still want to watch this legendary band. After all, The Cranberries was one of *the* biggest and most successful rock act in the 90s, selling over 15 million albums in the US alone! Fronted by rockalicious Dolores O’Riordan, the band rose to height of their fame with their debut album “Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?”, spawning hit singles like “Linger”, “Dreams” and the infamous “Zombies”.

So it’s only fitting that zombies are rising to catch The Cranberries live in concert at Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur this 4th April 2012! We’re sure out of the 8000 audiences that will be attending the concert, there will be more than a few zombies rocking out in the crowd!

It’s A-Live (Concert) and You’ll Love It!

You don’t have to be afraid of the zombies, though. Oh zombies, they just wanna have fun at the concert and you could have fun alongside them while screaming zombie, zombie.. eh eh eh oh oh...

Cranberries Flashmob 2012! Zombiessss

Especially for all Celcom customers, you’re entitled to 20% off on tickets for any seating tiers until 31st March 2012 (limited to 4 tickets per customer).

If you want a true-blue awesome experience, you should try and get the Blue Zone tickets!

But How?

1) You could showcase your singing talents by belting out your best version of “Zombie”. Simply dial *2299009, listen to a snippet of the song, and then press 1 to start singing. You could get TWO FREE Blue Zone tickets if your version rocks.

2) Alternatively, you could subscribe to Facebook and Twitter via SMS, then follow The Cranberries on Facebook & Twitter for a chance to get TWO FREE Blue Zone tickets or an autographed CD.
For Facebook
Type F and send to 32665

For Twitter
Type T and send to 29800

3) You could even kill two birds with one stone. You can avoid a dead social life AND possibly get TWO FREE Blue Zone tickets by subscribing to Moko/Frenzer/Frenspot/Speesh. Post a photo imitating The Cranberries and the tickets could be yours!

Next, Zombies Go To The City of Love

\When you’re on The Cube, your encounter with Zombies is taken across the oceans! Subscribe and keep The Cranberries Call Me Tones and you could be on your way to Paris! An all expenses-paid trip for TWO to The Cranberries in concert in the city of love can be yours for the taking!

It’s your biggest reward for being such a die-hard fan of The Cranberries. Definitely an opportunity not to be missed, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to go to an epic concert!

Check out the songs code that you can subscribe at the this LINK and get on The Cube!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Laura Mercier Spring 2012 Lingerie Collection & Swatch

I was happy to be invited to Laura Mercier Spring 2012 Lingerie collection launch a few days ago in Sunway Pyramid. Yes I know so fast and it's spring now !!!

The best thing is Jodi Riley, the Laura Mercier International Make up Artist from US was there to do makeup demostration and to share her tips and experiences.

She started introducing the Spring 2012 lingerie collection and I thought I heard wrongly... Lingerie ? This Lingerie collection came about because of Laura’s background as an artist. She was a fine art painter and the inspiration for this collection was the soft romantic colours and fabrics from the Victorian Age. The colours are reminiscent of Boudoir vintage lingerie pieces such as lace, petticoats and silks.

And this palette has the colours combination that could easily create Romantic, Feminine and Playful look.

Jodi doing demo on the model

As she was doing the demo I was hoping the model could sit facing infront rather the sideways as I could not really see how Jodi apply the makeup on the model :(

She highly recommended Laura Mercier eyelashes curler which could curl up short eyelashes easily.

I have tried it and easily my eyelashes curled up!

Model finished look

Model closer look no 2

Well let's see how the colours of the collection looked like ya ! I managed to do some swatch for Laure Mercier Spring 2012 collection!

Simple and classy packaging of the Eye & Cheek palette

My first impression is I love the colours combination in this palette because all this colours are "useable" and "pretty". Seems like one that I could bring for holiday easily without needing to bring so many palettes.

The combination of colours here I would think are pretty natural except for african violet. The colour is so beautiful and unique. It's violet/gray with some gold sparkles! So tempted to buy because of this african violet! *love*

Swatch of the blusher in Laura Mercier Spring 2012 collection palette

Lip shine

Tempting Coral is such a beautiful colour ... tempting my heart too!

Sheer Lip colour

I did went to the makeover to try out the collection. And honestly this is my first time trying their famous tinted moisturizer and lates foundation premier too! Kinda like it cos it is quite light but definitely not good enough to gives me a flawless look.

After makeover

I found out Laura Mercier eyeliner powder something quite unique! I was told to wet the brush before dipping them into the eyeliner powder palette. And the method of applying of eyeliner is dabbing. *unfortunately was told later on it's not waterproof*

I like how she does the makeup for me. Very natural and radiant look!

Close-up for the eyes makeup.

Group photo with blogger friends

Group photo with the sexy panties pouch ! Yes it is a sexy pouch & it's in our goodie bag!!!

Thank you Laura Mercier for being so generous, now I can tried some of their products at home... especially the foundation premier ! And I super love the flip-up mirror with lighting at the side *so glamour feel*

Finally a picture with Jodi Riley !!

Reviews will be up after trying out the products!


Was wondering whether any of you went for talented Lee Hom concert last weekends? I heard it was awesome and and if you didn't managed to catch Lee Hom Music Man II: Live in Malaysia 2012 Concert like me, why not win some amazing & money cannot buy prizes from Celcom Xpax?

1 x Imported Lee Hom Bahamut Dragon Air Guitar

5 x Autographed Open Fire Greatest Hits Album

It's pretty simple if you think you got talent, good-looking and has all the right moves to be the next Lee Hom.. then join The Cube and show it to the world!

Here’s how you can join.

1) Send A Video:
Submit video(s) of you singing/impersonating/lip-syncing/dancing/playing instruments to any Lee Hom song. You can basically do anything, even a parody or do a cover version of Lee Hom’s songs. The more creative you are with your videos, the more chances you’ll have at winning! Celcom will judge the entries and select the best video as the winner! The videos should be 30sec-10mins video recording uploaded to our Facebook app at

Eg : or

2) Send Your Voice Recording:
Got the voice like Lee Hom? Let us hear you sing! Just dial *22009 and karaoke or sing along to a Lee Hom song! Tap into your popstar instincts and serenade your way into a win.

3) Send an MMS:
Simply snap a picture of your most awesome Lee Hom-like pose. Then, send it to 23131 to be in the running as well as receive FREE MMS content every week!

Remember, you have to do your hardest to impress our judges because competition is going to be tough!

Come on, prove that you can be the next Lee Hom !!

And yes, you can get exclusive Lee Hom downloads by getting on The Cube and dialing *888#. Then, select Hot Deals and choose Lee Hom or go to

For more information about the contest, visit here
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