Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Axiata Cup 2013: Up Your Game!

Are you a big fan of badminton game? 

If you are, I'm sure you heard of Axiata Cup before!

Axiata Cup is a regional badminton event, now in its second year, sponsored by the Axiata Group, one of Asia’s largest telecommunication companies. The Axiata Cup, featuring top players from around the world, is the richest badminton championship with USD1 million in prize money. The Axiata Cup will include 8 teams from ASEAN and Around the World. The championship is sanctioned by the Badminton Asian Confederation (BAC) and the Badminton World Federation (BWF), and organised by Total Sports Asia (TSA).

And with the semifinals match going on happened this Saturday, Axiata has came up with Axiata Cup 2013 apps for smartphone user! 

Let's check this out

It has pretty good reviews on google play , got 5 stars and with more than 1000 downloads!

 Axiata Cup 2013 apps is not like any games app because it actually allow us to follow the Axiata Cup closely by providing us the latest news, results, player info, photo gallery and other info and updates on the matches.

The current standing as Axiata Cup 2013 as for today! Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Asia teams is now in semi final stage and they will be playing on 13 April 2013, this coming Saturday! 

So if you are not at home, worry not because we can actually stream live matches on our phone! Awesome right? 

 While waiting for the real match, why not we try our the Axiata Cup 2013 game apps!
We get to choose the gender of the player...

Actually it would be nicer if Axiata has avatar for Lee Chong Wei or other famous badminton players rather than we only get to select Male or Female player because definitely I want to choose Datuk LCW as he has this never give up spirit which I always admire! 

This game is really easy to play, as we only need to flick the shuttercock and shoot it over the net to score! On the right top ... 3 blue dot represent the number of chances we left fo the game. Each game comes with 3 life chances!

This is a really interactive game because you gonna really have tofocus and make us shuttercock don't fall on the floor and flick over the net for you to score & stay in the game! And if the shuttercock fall on the floor, means you lose one game life. Also if you did not get the shuttercock over the net, there is no point given.

I actually love this game beause not much of intellegence needed on this game and the key things that we need to possess are focus & action!

In Level 2, the level of difficulty has increased! Got bombs somemore and the speed of the shuttercock is so much faster! 

Not easy to avoid the bomb!

And if I could shoot the shuttercock far across the net, I earn extra 20 points!

I must said this game is pretty fun & addictive and it is just like the fruit ninja game except this one you flick the shuttercock across the net to score! It is getting more exciting as we reach the higher level because more shuttlecocks will appear in a shorter period of time... hence no time to take a breath also!
Go go go check this out because I am going to continue with my game to compete with my bf! 

Recommending you all to download this!
Good news is the app is even built for BlackBerry Users and linked to Google Play!
 Find the related links for you phones now at the links below  

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