Monday, April 8, 2013

WeChat 2013 Party in Neverland

 I still remember just year June I attended WeChat launch party and there are 200 bloggers who are invited!

Overdose of this cute Wechat cupcakes!
Well this year I am invited again to attend WeChat 2013 Party in Neverland and I think the numbers of bloggers attending the events is almost similar.... so it's more like a blogger party :D

This year I with my girls, Wendy, Ju Li, Pauline and Sharon and first thing we do is of course take a picture at the backdrop usual... well I think we spent 15 minutes here... posting and re-taking pictures with different cameras :P

The pretty WeChat models

Let me refresh you guys....

WeChat is a mobile phone text and voice messaging communication servuce developed by Tencent (the same developer for the famous QQ Chat) in China. WeChat is now available on iOS, Android, Symbian, Blackberry and Window Phone devices, making it the first and only social messaging application available on all major mobile platforms. Supported on Wi-Fi, 3G dan 4G data networks.

WeChat is a new way to connect; has more fun features such as Moments, Look Around , Shake and Drift Bottle. Today more than 300 millions is using WeChat!

In the party, the organiser held so many fun & easy games for the guests to join :) 

And the pizes are really attractive too!

iPad, Hello Kitty Docking Speaker and Beats Solo Headphones are some of the prizes!

Vivian Chua singing to entertain the guests

Performance by Henley Hii

Awi Rafael one of the WeChat ambassadors for Malaysia sang few of his hit singles! All the girls , especially Malay who known him better scream in excitment!

Caught MC & Awi Rafeal sharing light moment during the party

Oh we also enjoy watching energetic dancing performance too :)
Hot girls >.<

Besides that,there are happening games going on the stage, WeChat is super generous and basically everyone who went up got a prize!! And there are 2 ipads given out that night!

And our lucky friend Juli won a super cute pink Hello Kitty Docking Speaker!!!!!!

The girls

At least I got this super cute WeChat bubble talk pillow as doorgift which I love it bcos it is super soft!


Well, if you have not install WeChat you have been missing all the fun! Because the WeChat has a lot of fun feature... and my favourite is SHAKE especially when I am bored....which means I just need to shake my hands to detect any nearby WeChat users...remember you can make new friends flirt but you cannot cheat if you are not available okay!

Group picture of Mr Poshu Yeung, Vice President of Tencent International Business and the WeChat models

Me & Elwyn , good to catch up after so long :)

More pictures with the girls, definitely we having fun time together!

 Watch the Interview of Lisa Surihani & Shaheizy Sam in WeChat!

You can download the apps with the link below according to your mobile type:- 

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