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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Let's indulge in Nestle La Cremeria Ice Cream ; now with improved recipe and packaging!

Anyone here an ice-cream lover or La Cremeria fans?

Well I have good news for you because they had just improved their recipe and packaging starting 1 September 2013!

During the last week Nestle La Cremeria 1.2L Relaunch in Laundry Bar in The Curve, the gorgeous Julie Woon was the emcee for the event. She briefly introduced what is the event is about before passing the mic to the representative of Nestle.

The improved range comes with creamier texture that melts smoothly and gives a satisfying moment of indulgence. The range comes with an improved packaging with stronger and tighter tub cap lock to ensure product freshness. 

The Ms. Yit Woon Lai the Business Executive Manager of Nestle Ice Cream Business Unit (thanks to Grace for the name) said that every woman deserve to indulge in a tube of La Cremeria ice cream after a busy day juggling between work & family as a reward for herself! I totally agreed on this!

Before we are officially introduced to the six variants of La Cremeria ice cream; there is a showcase of models wearing very colourful dresses.

And in case you are wondering where there is a fashion show in an ice-cream launch, actually those colour dress represent different flavour.

A group of the pretty models with representative from Nestle Malaysia.

La Cremeria comes with six variants and each offers different sensations and experiences!

Here are the 6 different variants for La Cremeria with description

1. LA CREMERIA Chocolate Hazelnut Temptation: Vanilla and Chocolate ice cream with heaps of peanuts and velvety chocolate hazelnut sauce 

2. LA CREMERIA Strawberry Dream: Vanilla and Strawberry ice cream with lots of strawberry pieces

3. LA CREMERIA Vanilla Cashew Delight: Vanilla ice cream with generous chocolate chips, cashew nuts, and velvety chocolate sauce 

4. LA CREMERIA Chocolate Obsession: Chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips and chocolate sauce 

5. LA CREMERIA Hazelnut Ganache Sensation: Crème Brulee flavoured ice cream with almond chunks and chocolate chips swirled in chocolate hazelnut sauce 

6. LA CREMERIA Almond Pecan Praline: Delicious pecan flavoured ice cream with almond chunks and velvety swirls of chocolate sauce 

Personally I felt that the new improved La Cremeria ice creams are much creamier and actually melt slowler in my mouth. And one more thing I discovered is that it is not as sweet as before; yes I do like sweet stuff but not overly sweet and this adjustment of the level of sweetness is just perfect. 

And the improved cap lock system  is great because it locks the tube tighter; definitely the freshness of the ice-cream is preserved!

And out of the 6 variants of La Cremeria ice cream I have tried, I love La Cremeria Almond Pecan Praline the best because the combination of almond, pecan & praline is just perfect! I love how I can actually feel bits of almond chunks and chocolate sauce in every spoon I took! Sinful but very delicious! Highly recommending this, especially if you are trying La Cremeria for the first time!

And if you are not a fan of Praline, I would personally recommend Hazelnut Ganache Sensation (creme brulee anyone?) or Strawberry Dream (yep I'm a strawberry lover!) as they are my next choice!

For chocolate lover, you should not miss Chocolate Obsession because the chocolate flavour is really rich & you can actually feel the bitterness of the chocolate! And Vanilla lover should try Vanilla Cashew Delight which are really milky& creamy in texture!

And for those who are torn between vanilla or chocolate ice cream; well Hazelnut Temptation is for you because it has both!

Oh did I said that got pretty yummy boy served us yummy ice cream on that day!

LA CREMERIA 1.2L range is available at a recommended price of RM16.89 (West Malaysia) and RM16.99 (East Malaysia) at major hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide.

The top two bestselling variants i.e  LA CREMERIA Almond Pecan Praline and LA CREMERIA Vanilla Cashew Delight is available in 100ml serving cup and each is sold at RM3.00 (West Malaysia) and RM3.20 (East Malaysia) and available at selected convenient stores nationwide.

In conjunction with the re-launch, several road shows will be held around Malaysia from September to November 2013 to give consumers the opportunity to experience this indulging and satisfying LA CREMERIA range. The road shows give consumers a chance to win some goodies and enjoy exciting activities at the booth. 

Just to share with you all, LA CREMERIA is one of the participating Brands in the NESTLÉ Bonanza Hari Keluarga Malaysia Contest. Consumer may use the lid of the LA CREMERIA 1.2L or LA CREMERIA 100ml as the point-of-purchase to enter the contest. 

For more information on LA CREMERIA products, activities and contest, please 

Call Nestlé at 1-800-88-3433 between 9am and 5pm from Mondays to Fridays.



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