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Monday, June 17, 2013

TIPS : Recyle your chipping nails colour and gives a fresh new design!

Hey lovely people, are you having your Monday Blue! Let me cheer you up by sharing my tips on how to recyle your chipping nails colour and gives a fresh new design! 

I guess everyone loves it when nail polish looked pretty & nail when it was it first applied right? So after a week or two (depends how well you take care of your nails), the nails colour at the tip of our nails usually began to chipped and looked really ugly. And that's usually a signal of us to visit the salon or DIY ourselves to remove it & re-applying it with a new colour. Don't you think is a waste of money & time sometimes?

Instead of the hassle of removing & applying a total new colour...I have my way of keeping the existing nail colour even when the tip of the nail colour has chipped. And it save your time & pocket money too! 

Recycling the base colour of the nail colour & give a touch up!

So after a week more or so when my nail polish started to chipped instead of using the same nail colour to fill it up (which is boring) , I used a different colour and give my nail a fresh new design re-cycling the same colour base which I applied a week ago :) Rather than the tedious waiting period, applying at the tip nail only takes very little time!

I applied Max Factor Sunset Glossfinity Sunset Orange (if not mistaken RM22/10ml) and this is one my favourite colour from my stash because I could never go wrong with this! This bright & pigmented orange colour makes me happy.... as my fingers looked fair & it is so easy to apply! Not only it dried up pretty fast, the colour stays really glossy for more than 10 days (more than what it promised!) - longer when I applied top coat on this! 

So when tip of the nails started chipping & looked ugly, I applied Ciate Paint Pots in Peppermint (RM52). I feel in love with the colour at the first sight, it is fresh mint green (this colour remind me of tiffany blue). 

Instead of applying it like french manicure drawing a line across, I created the melting nail effect to give a little bit design to my nails!

To make sure your nail colour stay longer (double longer for the base colour!) don't forget to apply top coat on top of that! I tried Butter London P.D Quick Topcoat (RM64 for 17.5ml) at Sephora and I'm sold! Dried up amazingly fast & my nail is so glossy and pretty until today... super amazing and better than OPI or Essie ones! I am gonna get this when my top coat at home runs out!  

Seriously it is really easy to do & need not much skill...Best of all, your friends might be thinking you just did your new nails design when in fact you just recycle your base nail colour & give your nails a new face lif by giving a little bit touch up !

Saving your time, money & effort too :)

Try them today! 

Note: Ciate , Butter London nail polish is available in Sephora Malaysia. As for Max Factor Glossfinity, it should be available at all Max Factor counters.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Guest Review: Max Factor Smoky Eye Effect Eyeshadow by JQ

~Get smoky eyes easily~
Max Factor Smoky Eye Effect in Indigo Mist

"A foolproof new tool that shades, blends and defines your eyes for this season’s sultriest, sexiest looks. Inspired by our international team of make-up artists its double-ended application system has 2 distinctive tips designed to make smoky eyes easier than ever."

How to use
The product has two ends which are labeled step 1 & step 2. Basically apply the end that says step 1 (which is blunt) on the entire eyelid. Then apply the eye labeled step 2 (which is slightly pointier) along the crease and on the lower lash line. You can then use your fingers to pat & smudge so it blends seamlessly.

  • Double ended = more colours to play with
  • Easy to carry pen like applicator
  • Nice colour pay off
  • Creamy texture
  • Blends well

I wouldn't exactly say using this cream shadow sticks are easy to apply maybe because I feel the colours that I got doesn't seem to compliment best with each other. I personally love the blue-ish green colour because it shows up the best and beautiful on my lids but I wish it was in pointed shape for easier application. I find that the maroon purple side doesn't shows up as well as the other side did but the pointed shape was a great help. Because this is a cream shadow, it creases so do apply a base and some similar colour powder on top to set them. In my opinion, I don't think that it should be used alone, you will still need to work it out with a black powder for deepening and white powder shadow for the inner corners and to highlight your brow bone. Blending them with your fingers in a patting motion for a better effect. It cost about RM44 in retail. Check out the video on how I use it.

 Above review is done by my blog guest reviewer JQ who is also a blogger, she blogs at

p/s: When I received this at the event, I thought the colours are not suitable for my skintone and thought JQ who are fairer who will be able to carry it, so pass it to her to try. Watch her video tutorial and see how she create Sexy Smokey Raggae in her youtube tutorial

Monday, February 21, 2011

Max Factor Make-up Demonstration by Winnie Loo & Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara review

Max Factor was officially launched in Malaysia in October last year and been around our market for a few months.. And when I was invited to go to Max Factor Make-up Demonstration by Winnie Loo, am excited to see the how the products are being used to transform one's look.

Did I mentioned Winnie Loo, the Chief Creative Director of Acutabove was selected to be the official make-up artist for Max Factor. I guess many of us heard about her magic hands, how she transforms someone's hair. So let's see how Winnie is going to do magic on someone's face with cosmetics instead of a pair of scissors !

Winnie selected a normal looking lady that has the Asian feature for this makeover demonstration

And of course she used the Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara which is one of the star product of Max Factor!

Within 10 minutes, she is done with the makeover!

Winnie has beautifully enhanced the model's look by focusing more on her single eyelid

And the model's eyes now appear to be more awake and bigger!

And I of course joined the fun to have my makeover too !

I like how my eyes looked here, very simple but beautifully done.

And since I got a tube of Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara in black my goodie bag and I decided to do a mini review here :)

Look at how fat is this tube of Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara compared to my finger!

A super huge brush with small bristles

A compulsory before pic - I curled my eyelashes here

With one layer of Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara - very easy to apply for my top eyelashes.. just with one swipe...

I waited around 10 seconds before I could apply 2nd layer of mascara. Must say the mascara is a bit difficult to dry up. However it does gives me more length after 2nd coating of mascara

The eyelashes starting to clump together at the 3rd application. Must be me, did not wait the mascara to totally dry up before the 3rd layer of coating.

Note : Because the brush is huge, it is quite difficult to apply the lower lash without staining my face.

The side view , I think the mascara gives quite a good result in term of length and not much volume

Pros : Lengthening effect, managed to keep my curled eyelashes for the whole day, have very good Waterproof & Smudge-proof effect once its dried.

Cons : Difficult to remove it even with makeup remover, the formula is not quick dry. Difficult to apply on lower eyelashes, the tube is not travel friendly

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara is selling at RM66 for 13.1ml at Max Factor's counter in Isetan, Parksons and Metrojaya .

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Official launch of Max Factor in Malaysia

I first saw Max Factor products are in Hong Kong Langham Mall, where they have this small counter... however I didn't manage to grab their famous False Lash mascara as was rushing for my sight seeing. So when I was invited to attend the launching of Max Factor launching, I was thrilled! Finally Max Factors are in Malaysia ! And I invited another 2 girls (Sharon and Camie) to join me in this event to share the excitement!

It was held in Luna Bar, Menara Pan Global at one fine evening. The setting of the event was beautiful and I particularly love the setting of the runaway stage.

Do you know that Max Factor was founded in 1909 and it was named after the founder by late Maximilian Faktorowicz who designed the looks of the Hollywood stars of the day such as Joan Crawford , Bette Devis, Rita Hayworth and Katherine Hepburn.

And today Malaysia was Max Factor 75th market worldwide. Even Singapore do not have Max Factor counters yet ! And yes we are so lucky because starting from today Max Factor, a brand of Procter & Gamble will be distributed by locally by StarAsia Malaysia !!!

Max Factor's False Lash Effect Mascara is an astounding new mascara which need no further introduction as it ranked top selling in the global market.

This is so far Max Factor's mascara biggest ever brush combined with iFX brush technology which was designed to dramatically thicken every lash right to the tip, even with smaller lashes, bottom lashes and those in the inner and outer corner of the eyes without clumping or globing ! Sounds impressive right!!! This is the mascara that will give you fake eyelashes effect !

And guess what the mascara only RM66!

Before the event started, Winnie Loo started by doing makeup demo using Max Factor products on one of the model.

Sharon join the fun as well to try out their mascara, which end up she got almost full makeover from Jessie , the counter manager from Lot10

Camie also didn't miss the chance!

As I came in full makeup, the only thing I could try is their Lipfinity . Wow I am impressed with this because this look almost similar with Shiseido MAQuillAGE Rouge Enamel Glamour which comes with a waterproof lipstick and moisturising gloss topcoat. I tried it and honestly the lipstick stain on my lips does not come out after hours of food, drink and wiping off with tissue!

Another thing I try is Max Effect Dip in Eyeshadow. I tried it on my hands it is pigmented and intense. I am going to the counter to check this out one day!

The event started a little bit late due to rain. However Belinda Chee manage to catch our attention by showcasing model/local celebrity doing runaway catwalk with Max Factor makeup, and Jaspal as their official wardrobe sponsor

First was Mizz Nina in vibrant glam look

Melissa Indot in classic glamour look

Jay Menon the Mix FM DJ

Felicia Chin from Hot Magazine

Azniza Anuwi, a winner from MSN Life & Style Max Factor Contest

We are also entertained by amazing Dennis Lau's performance, a very talented violinist

L-R: Winnie Loo, Mizz Nina, Fabio Stefani, Julia Wong, Noe Saglio, Melissa Indot, Jay Menon.

Then came to a time where the VIPs are invited to cut ribbon to launch this event, however the ribbon was actually replaced by eyelashes instead and the VIPs tossed it away after cutting it,saying no to fake eyelashes!

Drawing parallels between Malaysian icon and one of make-up's renowed brands, a projection of Max Factor was held in Menara KL as a canvas for 2 hours.!! Wow..nice right... Max Factors has invested so much in their launching!

Here also Winnie Loo, the Chief Creative Director of AcutAbove was selected to be the make-up artist for Max Factor.

She shared her make-up tips and did a live demo on guest model Nardine Ann the recent 2010 winner of Miss Universe Malaysia. Winnie used the latest False Lash Effect Mascara to create a stunning and voluminous eyes for Nardine by giving her a truly impactful, spectacular and dazzling lashes. And yes Nardine was absolutely gorgeous that will make our head turn 360 degree !!

Some of the celebrities that I have met

With Xavier

With Edmund

With sexy & friendly Chermaine Poo

Last but least , a picture of myself with False Lash Effect Mascara board!

p/s: Thanks Camie for this picture

Our goodie pack !!

2 vouchers to attend Max Factors Exclusive Mechanic at the stated location .

Mid Valley Megamall (1-7 Nov 2010) at East Entrance Atrium
The Curce Shopping Mall (3-10 Nov 2o10) Centre Court

ALERT: BUY 1 FREE 1 FALSE LASH MASCARA EFFECT AT THIS 2 LOCATIONS ON THE STATED DATE! which means if you share with your friend, each of you get the mascara at RM33!!! T&C applies, while stock last!

My goodies ! Yes its mine, everything in full size!!! I will have fun time playing with these babies!

Max Factors Miracle Touch - Liquid Illusion Foundation
Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara
Max Factor lipstick
Max Factor Lipfinity
Max Factor Trio eyeshadow

Now I can say bye-bye my fake eyelashes and say Hi to my new eyelashes !

Max Factor is currently available at counters in
Sunway Pyramid Parkson
The Curve Metrojaya
Isetan Lot10 (remember to look for Jessie, the friendly counter manager!)
And there will be more counters will be set up as time comes.

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