Sunday, May 9, 2010

Loreal Luxury Division Best Deals Haul !

(By the time of 9am)

Reach there around 8.30am, by the time 9am the queue is so long !!! However I think this year have lesser people compare to last year sale.

Everyone just rush through to the other end of the hall where the Shu Uemura's counter is, well before going there I manage to drop by Lancome's counter which dont have many people there to grab something I am eyeing for the longest time!

Been to a few warehouse sale, I learn to be more careful. However upon reaching there I discovered I lost my buying list! Argh.. lucky got internet connection on my phone!!
Anyway I learn that always be early, travel light and buy what I will like rather than what I think is cheap. And always, always, always check the condition and manufacturing date before buying.

My haul

From deciding not to buy, I bought so much at last -.-

Well lucky not all is mine, some my sister, some for customers.

Shu Uemura Tsumori Chisato Lipgloss trio set RM60

Newly launched in Dec 2009

Shu Uemura Tsumori Chisato Brush set RM105

Newly launched in Dec 2009

Shu Uemura Duo Colour Highlighter - RM60 (If not mistaken!)

Newly launched in Dec 2009

Shu Uemura Deepsea Water Mist - RM45/each

Shu Uemura Eye Shimmer Duo - RM50 ( just launched in Jan 2010)

Shu Uemura Brushes - RM20/each

OMG the eyeshadow brushes selling at counter RM230 each

Shu Uemura Satin Radiant Stick ( Not mistaken RM40, last one!)

Newly launched in Jan 2010

Shu Uemura Drawing Lip Pencil - RM40

Giorgio Armani Liquid Eyeliner - RM20

Note: G.Armani just pulled out from Malaysian market

Lancome's palette - RM50/each

Pop ‘n Petrol Eyeshadow Palette from My Rose Collection 2010 - This is the palette that I have it on for the Lancome Amazing Makeover Contest with Cosmopolitan Magazine! I love it !!!

Giorgio Armani Poweder Foundation in Refill RM15/each

Lancome Kohl Waterproof pencil - RM25/each

Kiehls Herbal Shampoo - was reduced from RM38 to Rm25

Magnifique Valentine's set - RM140

This come with Lipgloss and miniature perfume

Ralph Lauren Romance 50ml - RM120

Lancome Magnifique Set - was reduced from RM140 to RM120

Fash lash maniac warning ahead!


This colourful clown eyelash was later reduced to RM5 from Rm20 !!!!!

Still some of the prices I have written down, updates when I'm free :D

Sleep now .


  1. woot nice haul ! hehe.. very semangat to shop

  2. ah ah ah.. I'm still in exam period!!>.<
    ENVY-ing... sob...

  3. are u selling the all silver lash (the 4th last pic) i want it, pls2, hehehe =P

  4. jess, the liquid eyeliner, is it customers or yours?

  5. wow!!! so cheap....arghh... I didnt expect GA items to be so cheap! If only i knew, i would have went... the GA refill powder is so so so cheap!

    Jess, if you decide to sell any of your stuff, i'd be first in line! Haha... And the eyelash reduced to RM5?? Crazy.

    Was it reduced during closing time?

  6. I've emailed you earlier about the shu individual brushes, do let me know if you are planning to sell afew :)


  7. Jess, is the lancome khol eyeliner yours or any of your customers? Lucky you managed to grab those.. HUhu.. btw.. how come you knew the price of the magnifique was reduced? did you go again in the late afternoon? I was there by 9am in around 10.30 am. They havent reduce the price. (-.-)

  8. Sherry: I am semangat to shop, but patah semangat when paying bills. Haha!

  9. ayna: that already being reserved :( will get back to u if available. thanks!

  10. harim: yeh harim one is mine, one is my customer punya.

  11. joanyee: G.armani exited from Malaysian market alrdy, thats why they wan clear stocks. The powder very smooth and cream foundation coverage quite good!Only the colourful clown eyelash was reduced to RM5 at late afternoon bcos all the nice one ppl grab habis alrdy.

  12. ys : brushes all being reserved alrdy by customers, if got any left will keep you inform. thanks

  13. MY: the lancome eyeliner customer 1, mine 1, after lunch they suddenly announced over the mic that, special 15 mins reduction.all the people rush to counter,i was jus happened to stand near counter to grab one quickly for my customer. help her save rm20 some more!

  14. Jessying, are u selling the shu rose mist? if available, i would lik to hv it... thanks! *_~

  15. cindy : that is not rose mist , its sage mist.

  16. A great haul!!!I wish they had these in Canada >_> then again my bank account is ppbly happy that they're not!
    OMG!!! So much Tsumori Chisato!!! I tried to get them when they first came out but it was sold out everywhere T.T

  17. hai,
    thanks for sharing your nice hauls!
    if u want to letgo your Cat brush set email me....TQ


  18. eh.. i'm going to get shopping itch.. do inform me any extra for me to chop! ;)

  19. Mac Nunu : u have mac warehouse sale there i think, so nice, i also envy!! also kinda shock to see new collection of tsumori chisato available at sale, i think they wanna to clear stocks for new collection.

  20. ciawei : if rich, buy from counters lor.. hahah! not all mine lah !

  21. C.LAU : currently all being reserved, i will if any.. but dont have ur email eh.

  22. Piggiying: will do so, but u better finish ur current stuffs,. hahaha!

  23. Jess, lancome palatte still available ? Where i can get the stock from u ??

  24. oh...i tot the red colour one is rose mist! anywhere, is that available?? can let go?? pls email me ya.. thanks!

  25. hey great hauls..sadly i didnt make it :( bt let me kno if ur sellin any of those alright..especially on the deepsea water mist and lancome khol pencil..

  26. Kim kim : Nice seeing you here!

    Anonymous: Which one you are interested ? Email me jessying @

    Cindy : Already Email you

    Sapphire : Email you too!

  27. jess, sorry..i didnt receive your email! do u mind send it again! thanks..

  28. cindy this is your email ? i just send an email to you, if u didnt receive it pls email me at Thank you

  29. ralph lauren !! the time i reached had no more :( ..

  30. WaiYee @ eSter : what time you reached there ? I think by 12pm still got eh.. hehe.. so advice of the day, be early if want to get nice stuffs :D

  31. hi ... Jessying...
    so sad ...i hv work on this sat ... can i tumpang u to buy something ?? :)

  32. hi jessie,

    do you still have any shu products to let go? do let me know ;)

  33. Sarah , I still have shu uemura makeup brush set.. and some stuffs. interested? email me at


Let me know what you think! Thank you :)

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