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Review : Yamagoya Ramen from Kyushu (Japan) province in Solaris Dutamas

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Recently the newly opened Yamagoya Ramen (山小屋) invited me for a food tasting session and I asked Shannon along. They are located at Solaris Dutamas and this is their first outlet in Malaysia.

*Note : This is a non-halal food post*

A little background about Yamagoya Ramen, it is a franchaise food outlet that orginated from Kyushu, Japan that recently entered Malaysia. I was told the founder of Yamagoya is is Mr. Masatoshi Ogata came from Fukuoka, the most southwest part of Japan has earned the No.1 title of Tonkotsu Ramen in Fukuoka with 150 shops all over Japan and a few in Bangkok, Taipei, Shenzhen and Jakarta.

So here is it, Yamagoya Ramen claims that they are the 1st original kyushu pronvice ramen in Malaysia. Well it is my first time trying Kyushu province ramen, as this is the only island out of the four I have not visited at all during my last 2 visits in Japan.

Let's see what are the difference!

And there is no way for you to miss the sight of the Imported Ramen making machine which is in a see through room situated at the left hand side of the entrance. Here I can see how the staffs freshly make the ramen for the customers.

A look inside thee restaurant environment, it's small, neat and cosy.

History of Yamagoya on every table in Japanese

The owner Ms Akiyo Tomiie who is also from Fukuoka was there to welcome us and she was kind enough to share the histroy about Yamagoya and explains the different of ramens in Japan and apparently in different province (Kyushu, Hokkaido, Honshu and Shikoku) have different taste of the ramen). She explained that Kyushu province ramen are mainly made from tonkotsu (pork bone) broth and char siu is a must have in their ramen. And that their ramen are freshly made every single day!

The Yamagoya outlet manager Bosco recommended us the following to try.

Mugi Cha - RM2

You might mistake this for Chinese tea because it looked like one and taste a little like it but definitely after a few sip you can tell the difference because it has this fragrant burned smell that will linger in your mouth after every sip. This is not very common in Malaysia but back in Japan this is served for free in almost all restaurants.

Bosco are kind enough to show us what is Mugi cha made from . Mugi is made from Roasted barley tea and it must be served in cold because serving in hot will give the bitter taste. And finally I understand why cold Mugi Cha are served in cold back in Japan eventhough it is winter! And I remembered I boughtsome Mugi cha tea back in Japan too because I really think the taste is unique and soothing.

Mukashi Special Ramen -RM 24

I had their signature ramen that are recommended to try if this is your first visit here. The broth is milky and has which has wholesome of topping from bamboo shoots, wood fungus, bean sprouts, seaweed, spring onions, soy sauce seasoned egg and 2 piece of the must have homemade speacility char siu!

I really like their char siu (known as BBQ pork) it tasted sweet, chewy with little salty feeling at the end of every single bite. Bosco told us that they are very strict when comes to making char siu that he has to go to the pork supplier every morning to choose (by smelling ) the pork to make sure it is fresh and good to make char siu.

Not forgetting their ramen noodle which are homemade, the texture was great, it tasted fresh & chewy, just the right way the ramen should be which many franchise ramen restaurant fail to maintain this standard! It actually tasted and felt like those I have in Japan :) Thumb up for their ramen noodle! The thick broth taste just right and not too oily. Recommended to consume this while it is served hot or else you feel it is oily to eat it.

Miso Ramen, RM 24

Shannon on the other hand tried this and Miso Ramen taste is unique as it a slight spicy. The soup is thick and has toppings such as bamboo shoots, wood fungus, spring onions, bean sprouts and 2 their speacility char siu!

I would prefer this over the Mukashi Special Ramen because of my preference for the broth itself, milky with a tinge of spicyness is just right !

Yamagoya Soy Sauced Egg - RM 4

These eggs are marinated & boiled with soy sauce & with few other ingredients for few good hours and I like it because looked hard outside but soft inside. Bosco told us that they used "kampung chicken eggs" (those chicken that are breed loosely without any vitamin injections)

Fried Chicken - RM 11

When they served this I was wondering why are fried chicken are Japanese speacility. It is served with 5 pieces of chickens meat, a slice of lemon, cabbage & mayonise . I was told to squeeze some lemon juice over the crispy fried chicken and eat it without any sauce.

After my first bite I was like wow so tasty, cant wait for my second bite. It is crispy, very juicy, tender and chewy; the lemon juice is just the perfect combination. I asked Bosco how come the fried chicken taste so good, he said there is a secret in preparing fried chicken, they selected only the best Kampung Chicken and only the thigh of the chicken part is being used here because it is chewy. They have marinated it with their secret recipe for many good hours before frying it just before serving it right infront of us.

It is not secret I am not of a chicken meat fans, this might look normal but it tasted exceptionally good and I just can't get enough of it!

Goyza - RM11

The goyza taste is so so and nothing to shout about. I felt he filling is not that much to chew. For the same price, I would rather order another plate of fried chicken!

Apart from these, there some other dishes are offered in their menu. Kindly click & enlarge to read.

Main dish - Ramen

Side Dish

Drink Menu - alcoholic drink are available here as well

Note : Price in menu is subjected to 10% service charge

In my opinion, Yamagoya Ramen is worth trying because they specialised in Ramen and their Homemade Ramen is freshly made everyday to ensure the quality of the Ramen served are of top quality. The price are reasonable considering the big portion & location (i.e Publika - upper end area). I like how it is not those fancy restaurants that focuses on their quality of their food rather their decorations. Do check this out if you you are Ramen lover or pass by the area!

Yamagoya Ramen
A2-G2-8, Solaris Dutamas,
No.1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel : 03- 6206 2220

Operation Hours:
Monday to Thursday 10am - 10pm
Friday to Sunday 10am - 11pm

Facebook: Yamagoya Ramen KL

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