Tuesday, November 3, 2009

FOTD : Lunasol AW 2009 Dazzling Night !!

Last 2 weeks is my birthday and I bought myself the Lunasol AW 2009 range. And I am so in love with their Dazzling Night Eye Palette!!!! I think I looked dazzling because of this prettylicious Lunasol eye palette....but of course this is not as nice as the marvelous makeover done by Kanebo makeup artist from Japan, Mr. Mutsuya Sakai! Anyway check out my look!

Give me your comments ya !

Before picture - with foundation

After picture - My Face of the Day (FOTD)

My spider legs

I took around 1 hour plus doing the makeover according to my bf ! LOL

p/s: Still learning to blend therefore took quite a long time to do it until I feel its ok

Products used to achieve the look! I hope I don't miss any details.

p/s: Yes I cheated using Anna Sui powder foundation as concealer as I do not like to use cream base concealer and here it really closed up my dark eye circles and my birthmark under my chin~ Who cares! Most important its really effective & I feel comfortable... I am so tempted to get the Lunasol AW2009 Medium #02 Night Eye Palette which is in very beautiful green colour!!!! Lunasol Eyes Palette so easy to apply and the colours are very pigmented.


  1. Hmmm nice.

    What about curling your eyelashes as well?

  2. Pigita : Got curl, maybe not enough lol! Haha ... Maybe good idea for me to go and perm my eyeslash!

  3. The blue on your eyes looks really good on you.

  4. Your lashes still look so straight, they dont look as if they have been curled at all.

    Probably have to do a few times b4 u can see the curl.

    I like to perm my eyelashes but have been told that it will damage the lashes in the long run so dont do it anymore.

    And in the Clarins w/shop, we were told eyelashes need 4 years to grow back to original length !!!

  5. Pigita : Speaking of these, actually some of my lashes in the middle broken off /fall off sometime ago this year because was not careful in using the eyeslash curler. So you now know that I dont really like or afraid to curl my eyeslash myself.

  6. I like the blue colour eye shadow ~ it's like a very mysterious and sexy colour ~ love it !

  7. Hi looking pretty...yr lashes look extra long here. N that blue eyeshadow really suits u btw.

  8. Yjia & Cynthia : Thank you, I love blue, lucky i bought this palette!♥♥♥♥ this make me want to buy the other green palette..sigh♥♥♥


Let me know what you think! Thank you :)

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