Monday, November 2, 2009

My Haul from Loreal Luxury Products Division Great Deals 2009

Wake up very early Saturday morning and preparing to go Loreal Luxury Division warehouse BUT our car battery decided to die off that very morning, so took a cab to the hotel !! Reached that around 8.30am and Uncle taxi driver asked me so early go hotel for what? I said looking for friend. LOL!!!! Anyway thanks Sasa & her cousin PY for being there at 8am and she was the number 13 at the queue! And worst of all, that morning I was having flu as I caught some rain while waiting for a taxi. And I haven't got my breakfast yet !!!!

Sasa in mask !

So me & Sasa was flu-ing the whole queuing sessions !

This is the queue for non-VIP by 9.04am
The right hand size is the 1st line and it continue its line to the left line and it continue to the next hall.

This warehouse sale is organised in Park Royal Hotel opposite Sungei Wang , and we are not allowed to sit on the floor according to the hotel management?? Aren't this a private event moreover its conducted at the ballroom which is located at the back of the hotel. at LG floor. Even in previous Estee Lauder's sale in Renaissance Hotel, there is no such regulations. Weird !!!!

Once the Door of heaven was opened at 10am for the non-VIP, all rushed in one direction. It was Shu Uemura's counter ! So I also went to grabbed whatever left lol. I don't think I bought a lot but the bill came up to RM1295!!!! Moreover I let go some of the items which Sasa told me this you have at home, that you have at home, then half of the items being thrashed out by her ! Lucky not all items belongs to me -_-!!!!

And this is my haul !!!

p/s: Shu Uemura's brushes not as cheap as I thought, and lucky I got the Laneige's brushes which is only at RM30/each for all sizes and the brushes is so soft as well !!! So after the warehouse , went Klang for yummylicious bak kut teh !!


  1. Din get to go cox I attended the Clarins Workshop.
    But saw the queue in the photo, I'm glad that I did not plan to go!

  2. wah.. nice haul but I see amount you spent I pengsan

  3. there was laneige brushes at the warehouse is it?? how come i didn't see it?? but the shu uemura counter was really crazy...i lost my shopping mood there because people are crazy pushing...worst than the one at EL warehouse sales....

  4. Pink Princess : yes plenty in Lunasol's sale , even at the evening some brushes still available except for the face brushes and big eyeshadow brushes. Indeed Shu Uemura's counter is scary, so end up some kind people pass the items to the people at behind lol :D


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