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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

iNuovi Summer Fall Sale ( Malaysia Mega Sale ) 40% Off Storewide

From Thu, 15 Jul 2010 - Tue, 31 Aug 2010

40% Storewide !

What we waiting for, let's contribute to Malaysian's economy...hehe!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I Nuovi Moving Out Clearance Sale 7-8 July 2010(2 Days only)

Discount Duration : Wed, 7 Jul 2010 - Thu, 8 Jul 2010, 10am-6pm
Company : I NUOVI
Location : Unit 13.2 Block E2, Jalan PJU1/42A, Dataran Prima, Taman Mayang Mas, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Promotion : I NUOVI MOVING OUT CLEARANCE Sale discounts up to 90%. ( WE ARE MOVING TO BELOW ADDRESS WITH EFFCTIVE FROM 1st AUGUST 2010 ) Level 3, No 2, jalan 222, section 51A, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Products Offered :
  • Get A FREE Browcake With Any Purchase With RM50 And Adove
  • Get A FREE E-INTENSE FULL BODY TREATMENT Worth RM660 from Bizzy Body
  • stand a Chance To Be Our LUCKY WINNER. with any purchase of RM50 To Stand A Chance To Win A Products Hamper Worth RM500. (every RM50 spent. entitle for 1 draw)

  • Check out my previous haul & some of the price listing here

    p/s: I won't be going, busy preparing for my trip. So those that are going, keep us updated here ya !

    Saturday, June 5, 2010

    EOTD : Lancome Pop n Petrol and the Little Green Eyes Angel!

    Am going to a cocktail party few days and was thinking what makeup should I go for.

    And due to recent campaigns going on the facebook to encourage us to Save our plane from global warming. I am inspired to go Green. And all of us should play a part in saving the planet we are living in whether by not using plastic bags, use less paper or plant more trees.

    I am pledging to use more of my eco bags more often! Going to put one in my car, so if I need to use one, it will be there :) No excuse for carrying plastic bags. I know this is not easy. But gotta try it!

    Anyway here is my unpolished look!

    p/s: my pimples popping happily on certain days of the month !

    For Eyes

    Lancome Pop & Petrol eyeshadow palette from Spring 2010
    Elf Mineral Eyeshadow Primer
    I Nuovi Browcake (Compact Eyebrow Colour) in Oak
    Shu Uemura Painting Liner M Night Blue
    Lancome Virtuose Mascara in Black

    And I took out my latest new palette from Lancome Pop & Petrol to play with!

    The four colours are Teal, Shimmery Grey & Green, Olive and Shimmery white in cream.

    The swatch for Spring 2010 Lancome Pop n Petrol eyeshadow palette.

    I love green, especially this palette because this is the palette which is being used for my Lancome Amazing makeover contest and I won RM500 worth of prize from Cosmopolitan Mag (thou still have not receive official letter from them yet) Cant wait to see it!

    I am using Teal on the outer eyelid of my eyes, Shimmery Grey & Green on the inner eyelid of my eyes. Olive on my lower outer lash line and Shimmery white on my brow and inner lower lash line.

    Wow , I love green! Not just green vegetables but green eyeshadow because it makes my eyes look fresh!

    For Face

    Clinique Superbalance Liquid Foundation in #23
    Nars in Orgasm blusher
    Shiseido Macquillage Finish Powder in Translucent

    For Lips

    Stila Plumping lip Glaze in Berry Mint
    Shu Uemura Drawing Lip Liner in Pink 375
    Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick in Delicate Pink

    My lips will never be complete without Stila Plumping lip Glaze in Berry Mint

    I am done !!!

    I am ready to go for the party :D

    Haha, I should have wear the green contact lens to match this makeup!! And become the little green eyes monster Angel!

    p/s: The iris of the eyes are being photoshopped :D

    Do you like my green eye makeup ?

    Do share how do you play a part in combating against global warming!

    Sunday, May 16, 2010

    EOTD :Barney Smokey Eyes

    A while ago one of my reader Cuna gave a daring suggestion that is to do purple smokey eyes. Well I decided to try since purple is one of my favorite colour.

    Here are masterpiece, but I think still need to fine tune it.

    Actually the colour did not show properly in the picture, because this picture is taken under very bright lighting. The outer end of the eyes purple colour was actually slight darker than this.

    I applied

    Paul & Joe Moisturizing Foundation Premier SPH 12 PA+ in 02
    Lunasol Skin Fusing Powder Foundation in #OC04
    ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Premier
    I Nuovi Browcake (Compact Eyebrow Colour) in Oak
    I Nuovi Starstruck eye shadows pallete
    Lunasol Star Shower Eyes #04 Star River (AW Collection 2009)
    Shu Uemura Painting Liner M Night Blue
    Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara in Black
    Nars in Orgasm blusher
    Shiseido Macquillage Finish Powder in Translucent
    Laneige Snow Crystal Melting Glossy Lipstick in Hotpink (Review here)

    Wait do I look like a Barney ?

    Hopefully not!

    Barney quite cute also what!

    Anyway, I am ready for spring anytime, with my purple eyeshadow and my pretty flower dress.

    Thursday, May 6, 2010

    I Nuovi Seasonal's Clearance up to 90%

    Date : 11 and 12 May 2010 (2 days only)

    Time : 10am to 6pm

    Location : Unit 13.2 Block E2, Jalan PJU1/42A, Dataran Prima, Taman Mayang Mas, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

    Tel : 03-7800 0028

    Click to enlarge the map

    Refer here for my previous sale report

    Saturday, April 24, 2010

    Review : ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer

    I got this quite a well ago for around RM10 (although this is only $3 in US), well still very cheap for a eye primer. This is my first eye base. When I bought it, I have not much expectation on this item, after all price is so cheap. So I just buy to try it.

    This is in Sheer Colour

    Note : This is made in China! Does this mean that this should be available in Shenzhen, then I shall be able to picked it up in Shenzhen?

    The brush applicator

    Yes I do feel the texture is creamy and feel a bit oily when I first applied. However after I rubbed and tapped in gently, its perfectly absorb into my skin. As if I don't have anything is applied on my eyes.

    Remember to use only a little bit as we only apply on our eyes area.

    Well, I am going to put ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer to test.

    This is my look on one of my working day, nicely makeup because there is a function to attend at the hotel.

    My eyes makeup of the day

    I put a thin layer of ELF Mineral Eyeshadow before I do my makeup, note here I'm just using low range eyeshadow from I Nuovi which the colours are not lasting. However I mix a little bit of blue eyeshadow from my Lunasol's Dazzling Night pallette.

    After 12 hours, my eyes makeup are still staying and does not crease at all, although I went out for lunch under the hot sun without umbrella (How bravo am I!) and attended function in the night.

    So my conclusion would be , while ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer does not enhance the colour of the eyeshadow but it does a good job from preventing my eyes makeup from creasing and the colours stay on so well! A product that are worth very dollar, so girls out there, if you have not try any eye base/primer at all, this is the most affordable product for you to start with!

    Pros : Make colour on eyeshadow long lasting, eye makeup does not crease , price are worth every dollar.

    Cons : Cant think of any at the moment !

    My Star Rating

    p/s: By the time you read this post, I'm in Hong Kong already, as this is an automated post. Still keep the comments coming in to share ya! Thank you, will be approving and replying once I have the internet connection :)

    Saturday, April 17, 2010

    FOTD : Shu Uemura Tsumori Chisato Limited Edition Planet Cat Palette

    For today special event aka my baby's birthday, I am taking out the precious Shu Uemura Limited Edition Cat Planet Palette from the Shu Uemura Tsumori Chisato's Collection. Let's take a look of my makeup with this pair with my other cosmetics :)

    For the Eyes

    Shu Uemura Tsumori Chisato Limited Edition Planet Cat Palette
    ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Premier
    Clinique Lash Power Mascara (Click here to read the review)
    I Nuovi Browcake (Compact Eyebrow Colour) in Oak
    Shu Uemura Painting Liner M Night Blue (gel eyeliner)

    For the Face

    Paul & Joe Moisturizing Foundation Premier SPH 12 PA+ in 02
    Clinique Super Moist in Fresh Beige No 63
    Nars in Super Orgasm blusher
    Shiseido Macquillage Finish Powder in Translucent
    Stila Convertible Color (Dual Lip & Cheek Cream) in Peony (Click here to read the review)
    Stila Plumping Lip glaze in Berry Mint (Click here to read the review)

    I applied the Shu Uemura Tsumori Chisato Limited Edition Planet Cat Palette black eyeshadow at the outer of the eyelid, then gold on the middle eyelid and silver colour on the front eyelid. That goes the same at the lower eyelid. The eyeshadow colours no doubt is very pigmented and I only applied lightly.

    And I think the gold eyeshadow is a kinda of weird combination in the palette, as the colour is slightly a bit warm compare to the other two cool colours. I still trying to see how to use the palettes into good use.

    I must tell you that Shiseido Macquillage Finish Powder damn nice, very smooth and of course my makeup last whole day. Love it to maxxxxx !!!

    My full look

    Thursday, April 8, 2010

    EOTD: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

    I got this I Nuovi Starstruck eye shadows pallete from Inuovi's warehouse sale last month for free, as I purchased more than RM50 and above.

    The Ugly Truth - my eyes with dark eyes circle ( which makes me looks like a panda!)

    And I have been thinking long how to makeup my my eyes looks bigger others than wearing colour contact lens that make my iris looks bigger which give my eyes dolly effect. Especially when the colour lens are so expensive now! Unless I buy cheap Korean brand contact lens which has no guarantee of health to my eyes.. which I still buy it for the fun!

    Kindly excuse me.. I know this makeup is not perfect, I'm still practicing it !

    I named this eyes makeup as Smoke Gets in Your Eyes because like it is as if my eyes are on fire and the effect of the eyeshadow came from the smoke !

    Don't you think so too ?

    The only thing I do is blend, blend, blend !!!!!

    Blend until you are satisfy with the outcome.

    So this is my makeup version of making my eyes looking bigger without any contact lens.

    I am using mainly black, grey and white eyeshadow from the palette to come out with Smokey eyes of my version. I applying a layer of Shu Uemura's gel eyeliner on top of my eyelid only together with Clinique Lash Power Mascara.

    What do you think?

    I know I still need to blend it properly..

    So now I need to start to learn to blend.blend.blend.

    Friday, March 12, 2010

    I Nuovi 2010 Warehouse Report

    The warehouse will be extended till tommorow (13 March 2010 ) from 10 am to 2pm.

    Location : Unit 13.2 Block E2, Jalan PJU1/42A, Dataran Prima, Taman Mayang Mas, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

    Tel : 03-7800 0028

    Went to I nuovi warehouse yesterday with Sasa and even with the help of GPS we reached there after few rounds of turning left and right even though it was so near her bf's workplace! It is mainly because there is no banner showing direction and it is located at some very "hidden" corner and usually people living and working KL would not go there. If you intend to go there, then your landmark would be Dataran Prima Condominium, and the nearest train station will be Kelana Jaya putra lrt station. And I think you need to get a taxi there. There might be a bus to go there, but I am not sure. The warehouse was conducted in I Nuovi's office itself at one of its small office room.

    So I bought some of these !

    RM20 dinner clutch (NP: Btwn RM40-50)

    RM5 makeup sponge (NP: 13)

    I bought I Nuovi Prolash 08-RM10

    -I nuovi prolash 08 - RM10/pair
    -I nuovi Prolash EX- RM20/pair
    -I nuovi NU (for underlash) - RM10
    -I nuovi Studiocake Foundation - RM30
    -I nuovi Perfector Concealer - RM10
    -I nuovi Facescape (Skin Illuminating Powder) - RM35
    -I nuovi Immaculate Powder (press powder) - RM30
    -I nuovi Loose powder - RM30
    -I nuovi Eyelash curler - RM15
    -I nuovi Blusher Colours D36 - RM15
    -I nuovi Ultragloss - RM15
    -I nuovi Trucolour Eyeshadow - RM15
    -I nuovi Eyeshadow Colours D27 - RM10
    -I nuovi Triangle makeup sponge - RM5/pack
    -I nuovi Ivoluxe Lipstick - RM20
    -I nuovi Browcake for eyebrow- RM5
    -I nuovi Eyebase - RM5
    -I nuovi Dust (Pigment powder) - RM15
    -I nuovi Lipliner and Eyebrow pencil - RM10
    -I nuovi Makeup remover - RM30
    -I nuovi powder foundation sponge- RM3
    -Handbags & Dinner Clutch - RM3 to RM20

    I might missed out some items especially their skincare which was on sale but I wasn't available but I wasnt interested. Generally the items are about 50% discount and more.

    Also the SA kept asking me to sign up their makeup workshop which is RM88 , and you get goodie bag worth RM197 for free which includes one lip palette worth RM39.90, one Colour D27 eyeshadow D27, 1 mini brush set worth RM9.90 and a VIP pass of 20% discount on normal items which can be used at the HQ. The next available makeup session will be on next Saturday 20 March 2010 and if you can gather 2-8 participants, they can conduct a small private class for you girls. Anyway I didn't sign up as the makeup class must be conducted at their HQ which is quite not convenient for me to go ! So some of you might be interested! Check it out. Registration must be made at their HQ (i.e referred to the address above) and the fee of RM88 must be paid before hand.

    p/s: Didn't bring get my camera there and was rush to go somewhere else after that, that explains why there are no pictures of the warehouse.

    Monday, September 7, 2009

    10 Days No Shopping Challenge

    10 Days No Shopping Challenge starts officially today , organised by Tammy the Queen of Shopaholic from and it literally means no shopping (only allowed consumption of food less than RM100) allowed for the next 10 days. And she is giving her precious Anna Sui products worth RM200 to the winner ! So each day she will give us a task to complete to be in the running to be the winner. In this contest , one has to be completely honest to his/her self as this is a voluntary challenge that one wants to take up to live without shopping ( YES NO SHOPPING, even injured wan buy plaster also cannot!)

    My Pledge for the 10-DAY No SHOPPING Challenge!

    1) Keep looking for freebies like a freak!
    2) Start using my pile of samples or else they might get expired!
    3) Reading those review of some of the products I am eye-ing to make sure I am smart&prudent shopaholic
    4) Do all my overdue blog post which I should have post about it ages ago!

    So ladies&gentleman, okay I got some good news to share,

    1)Click here to redeem the latest Cellinique's B'liv range , you can choose 1 of the 3 samples from below and BEST of all they going to deliver it to your doorstep !!! So save petrol, time, effort and worry less that you will end up buying after redeeming which often happenned!!

    Samples that you can choose to redeem to send to your home doorstep!!!

    p/s:Also for more information on the latest B'liv range , click here , they also running a tagline contest and promotion voucher which you not supposed to know! Dont blame me Special thanks to Robb for the freebies information!

    2) I read from Skindeco that Inouvi is giving away free gift worth of RM60 and Tammy went to redeem it today's lunch ! It's a browncake (Compact eyeshadow colour)!!! Wow , I am waiting to redeem it however todaymight not able to make it as I am going for The Ugly Truth's premier screening in Tropicana Mall tonight , and definitely this is free ! See you girls tonight !

    Click here to print out or visit here to print out!

    Simply by filling it up and redeem at any participating outlets stated in the voucher!

    I heard they are giving out browcake, a compact eyebrow colour!!

    In KL, can only be redeemed in Sunway Pyramid & 1 Utama!

    p/s: So sad now cos 1u and Sunway pyramid so far , anyone wan redeem for me !!!!

    Updated : Thanks Janice sweetie, yesterday she beg softly asked her bf Gary to bring her to 1u to redeem for herself and myself !!! Its browncake , compact for eyebrow colour in powder form worth RM60, and you need a brush to apply it. Muacks to Gary Janice

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